Time Flies When You're Having Fun!

WHOA! Where did the years go. 2009 was the last time I blogged. I swear it feels like yesterday.
So in the last four years I have:
  1. Had a baby boy - Kole McBride was born on June 22, 2009.
  2. Returned to work
  3. Moved my children in full time daycare / pre-school (used to stay home with Amy until Kole was 2 & Olivia was 3). Best thing I ever did.
  4. Celebrated a few anniversaries being married to the best man ever! We are on year 7 now.
  5. Traveled to Hawaii for my first time and took two young children and Brea. All to celebrate a wedding for Amy & Clay.
  6. Hade one great year with Heidi and her family. After that it went down hill and now our relationship has ended....Long story and makes me sad.
  7. Been the Payroll Manager for almost 6 years now and have been working at Emerald for almost 9 years.
  8. Moved the annual scrapping book event I go to from Phoenix to a new one in Nevada. So happy by best friend decided she didn't want to miss out on my fun anymore! Added two new friends to go with us and we have a great time...thanks Laura Holden and Journey Hawkins for being my friend and making the annual weekend so memorable.
  9. Gained a few too many pounds that need to be taken off!
  10. Celebrated my brother getting married August 25th, 2012.
I know there are many more events, moments and memories that have happened but I can't think of right now.

No promises that I will be a better blogger or anything like that. Just thought I would try to start using this as my family journal. Jotting down funny things my kids say or do or what our family is up to. I need to have a place to refer to and I don't journal on paper so I need to somewhere, right!


What's for dinner??

"So what do you want for dinner?" is always the question of the day. Wade and I can never decide what we want. And it always turns out to be the last minute (6:30pm) when we are beyond hungry and still have to run to the store & we try to find something "quick" to make.
So I thought since I will be returning to work in 2 weeks I should do some meal planning.
I was telling Debbie about this and she said "send me your menu". I told her no way it was handwritten...but then I got to thinking I would put it on my blog.
So here is the dinner menu for the rest of the month & my plan is to prepare all the meals I can for the week on Sunday. And I'll shop on Saturday morning before my family is up & moving!Let's hope I can get a system down.

Sept 15 - Chicken enchalidas
Sept 16 - Left overs
Sept 17 - Do the Puyallup! Corn Dogs & Scones
Sept 18 - Tacos
Sept 19 - Spaghetti
Sept 20 - Meatloaf
Sept 21 - Leftovers
Sept 22 - Poppy Seed Chicken
Sept 23 - Leftovers
Sept 24 - Hamburgers
Sept 25 - Sloppy Joes
Sept 26 - Chicken Fajitas
Sept 27 - French Dips
Sept 28 - lasagna
Sept 29 - Leftovers
Sept 30 - Hot Chicken Salad
Oct 1 - Leftovers
Oct 2 - Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Oct 3 - Eat out!

This menu is subject to change at anytime at my discretion!
If anyone has some good recipes to share I will gladly accept them. I like quick & easy recipes!!

And since a blog post isn't any good with out a picture here is a few of my the "littles".

Olivia, Jack, Kole & Sam
(Olivia insisted on holding all at one time!)

Sweet baby Kole (or as Olivia calls him :Ko-Ko)

and this pic I just love...my mom & Livy at the zoo.



Spot Recoloring on your photo

I have been wanting to know how to do this technique FOREVER and I finally learned how to do it...TODAY!
I am so dang excited. I am really liking this FREE online class I have been taking for 2 weeks. I love being on maternity leave so I have time to do this stuff (while the chicklets are napping of course!).

The spot recoloring is where you have a black & white photo and leave some color in the picture.

I am so HAPPY....going to go celebrate at the Fair and have a scone. Brea thinks she is going to get me to go on some rides!



Another lesson learned

So today is day 4 of the online photo editing class I am taking...and I am loving it.
Things that I thought were so complicated are turning out to be so easy. I don't want this class to end. I can not believe I can do this stuff.
Today's lesson was on 'Clipping Masks'. The mask I used made the photo look like it has a grungy edge.

After: with "grungy" edges


Look what I learned...

Today I started taking an online class to learn how to use frames and word art on my photos.

Here is the photo I added a frame & word art too. I learned that this digital stuff is much easier then I realized...I love adding frames to pictures!!

The picture doesn't really match the frame & words but it is just a sample.

Can't wait for tomorrow's project!!

Blog Update

I am not even going to look to see when the last time I blogged was. Well I guess I better so I know where to start my update. Aagghhh....It was before Olivia's 1st birthday.Well this could be a long one....and thanks to Deb for posting one on by b-day.

October 22, 2008 Olivia turned 1! A few days before her b-day we found out we were expecting McBride baby #2 but kept it a secret for a little while.

Not much happened in November or December 2008 except the holiday’s. Oh wait how soon I had forgotten. In August we put our house on the market and the market went bad so in December we decided to take it off the market. I had just sent the email to the real estate agent and I received a phone call from another agent who had clients that wanted to look at our house. So I sent another email to my agent to leave it on the market for a few days so the looky lou’s could check out our house. This was it, I didn’t want to keep my house clean over the holiday’s. (cleaner then normal that is!). One week later as we were visiting Santa we received a phone call that an offer would be coming in on our house in a few hours. Oh how lucky we were to possibly be moving over the holiday’s!!
Offer came in, my agent left for Hawaii, we made an offer on the original house we wanted everything came together. The family that bought our house wanted to move in ASAP, the seller’s to the house we were buying wanted to close by 12/31 and Wade and I really didn’t care! So we moved in on 12/31, rented for a few days until the deal closed and we were owner’s of a 2,300 sq. foot, 2-story home. Wade and I had only lived in ramblers so getting used to stairs would be interesting. I now have 3 toilets to clean instead of 1 (why did I want more bathrooms I keep asking myself – oh yea I remember now!), I have 2 empty rooms that need to be furnished and a HUGE master bedroom/bath which I would not trade for anything. It’s taken a while for it to be home but it’s all coming together.

January 2009 we found out my sister’s little boy had spina bifida. And Heidi thought she should go into labor with her twins so she went on bed rest. I told her that she could have the babies on my birthday and I would be just fine with that. Well it all worked out and she had my first nephew & my 4th niece on February 11th (one day late!). I hated being in the states while she was in Germany. I know have twin niece & nephews - Jackson & Samantha – and they were just 4lbs. Jack has had some surgeries for his spina bifida but is doing very well. Due to this the family was relocated to the states by the military and were fortunate enough to be stationed at Ft. Lewis because of having Madigan Hospital for Jack’s needs.

Feb 10 we found out that McBride baby #2 would be a boy…finally a second boy on my side and Jack would have a best friend.

My pregnancy wasn’t has bad as the first time but I was sick thru the 2nd trimester and didn’t eat much the 3rd.

March – Debbie & I registered for Creative Escape. We finally got picked this year so we decided nothing was going to stop us from going. So in August we’ll be heading to Arizona for 4 days!

May – My mom went to Germany for 3 weeks and we sure missed her. She headed over there to help Heidi with the babies and to get some time with them & Brea before they moved back to Washington.

June – What a crazy month….Natasha (my oldest niece) graduated from High School and received a 2 year scholarship to any WA college. We are so proud of her. Heidi & her family flew in and moved to my mom’s. It has been so much fun having them around. Wade and Jack are buddies. They love watching NASCAR together. It was fun having time with them before our new addition arrived. Kole arrive on June 22nd (5 days early!! Yea!). And he is just a sweetie. He is a true newborn (Olivia was not!) and is a great little cuddler with mommy.

So there is an update of what has been going on since my last blog.

PS - I'll post some pictures later!!


The birthday girl!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!! I couldn't stand it any longer, so I thought I'd update Trina's blog as a pre-birthday present!!
So today...(Trina's birthday and all)...she got the best news EVER...the ultrasound says....Olivia will be getting a little brother!! June 24th....I think that's right :)
"Kole Reese McBride" How cute is that name!!
I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I know Trina and Wade are too!! Olivia has NO idea what she is in store for...or shall I say...Kole has NO idea!!

Look at this cute face!!

So we got to play with Livy one day, and we needed to return a book to the public library. So after we had a smoothie at Fortza..we walked over to the library downtown Puyallup. SO many things to do...Olivia had a ball...course I got strange looks taking pictures in a library...but didn't care....

Serious....getting ready for a story!!

Peek-a boo at the library!

Thanks Treen for letting us have a play day with little Livy!! We need to do it again!!
We love you!!
Debbie and Family!


new happenings

So I went and got my haircut on Saturday... I went in and said I wanted the same style I had but with a little more definition. The back shorter than the front.

WOW! It is a lot shorter then I planned...but I love it. This picture below is not that great. The "long" sides actually swoop forward.

This is the front...and this is also Olivia and I at the pumpkin patch today. I can't believe how busy it was. We got off easy though since we didn't have to do all the "extra" stuff yet. I am sure next year Little Peanut will want to do all the fun stuff we skipped this year! We picked our 3 pumpkins and our corn stalk. Then we stopped at the store for the carving kit. Looks like we will be carving pumpkins on Saturday morning. What a busy day we will have.

And this picture here is Olivia in her new favorite hat. Every morning we put it on just before we head out the door and she smiles every time I put it on.
Tonight it was laying on her changing table and she grabbed it and wanted it on. So I put it on her and got the new smile she has...she smiles, shows her teeth and wrinkles her nose. It cracks me up. Olivia decided to wear it while having her bottle before bed. I am sure she would wear it to bed if I let her.

Love this little critter.

And this crazy picture is Livy in her Halloween costume. We had a costume birthday party on Saturday for our little friend Brady who turned one. She likes the outfit as long as I don't make her wear the hood part of it. And for those of you who are asking yourself - "what is she?" - She is a Candy Corn!

And on the 22nd this little Candy Corn of mine will be 1!
I can not believe it. This year has gone by so fast . . . for me any way.
And if you don't know these other 2 things you do now -
My sister Heidi is having TWIN BOYS (finally getting boys in our family)
and my brother in law Scott will be back in Germany very very soon.