1st Baby Doctor's Appt.

Friday I had my first baby doctor appt. We chose to go to Dr. Maccio in Auburn and have the baby at Auburn Hospital. Dr. Maccio is the sweetest doctor. You can tell she really cares about you as the patient and wants you to have a very healthy pregnancy.
She had lots of imformation for me that day...how much weight I can gain (20 lbs.), eat healthy, excercise, take my pre-natal vitamins and lots more.
The clinic gave me a diaper bag full of fun sample stuff, a notebook from the hospital & a handful of flyers full of good information.
Next appointment Wade is going with me since it will be an ultrasound. We will be able to SEE the baby's heartbeat...how exciting!!!
I am still trying to digest all of this. Wondering how the heck I am going to do all that I do & don't do and raise a baby too. I know it all works out many people do this!!

I have lots of reading I'll be doing. Mom bought me a book last weekend called My Pregnancy Week by Week. So I can read that once a week and know what is going on. Tracy let me borrow a book about childbirth the Bradley way. And Debbie let me borrow 2 books...one with lots of reading the other with lots of photos. I can't remember the names of them right now.

Friday, Sue (my mother in law) called Wade and said she bought an exersaucer & changing table for us or if we didn't like it she would keep it at her house...so sweet of her.
This will be the first grandchild on both sides in NINE years...wow it's about time, huh!!!

Yesterday mom and I drove to Portland for my cousins wedding. We had a great time until it was time to leave & we walked out to find my car GONE! Yep it had been towed. At first I thought my joke playing uncles got ahold of my keys and moved it but this time there was no joke. Called the tow company and they had just towed it within the hour. Wondering why it got towed...well IF YOU OBEY THE RULES YOU MISS ALL THE FUN... Debbie taught me that!
So I parked in a business parking lot which had a sign half way down the building about parking at your own risk. So I parked figuring the business was closed it was Saturday evening what was the harm. Well the tow truck driving was conveniently driving around and had a sign to hang there (Right in front of my car) and towed it at the same time. Apparently he has permission from the business to tow any cars that did not get permission to park there...WHATEVER!
So $185 later we were out of that town and heading home!

Today (Sunday) was so blasted hot for this area - 97 degrees!! Holy cow! Helped Heidi get her grooms cake gifts put together. We had lunch at Ranchitos and then she brought me the rocking chair she had at her house. The rocking chair has been in my family for years. My mom rocked all of us kids in it. Wendy & Heidi have used it so now it is my turn. I love that chair. It was always in our living room when I was growing up.
I had a list of stuff I wanted to get done today but since it's so hot I can not move with out sweating. No air in this out. Sat in front of the fan and read my NEW magazine I got from my Creative Escape secret sister. I was so excited to get that in the mail.
Finally it cooled off outside I sat out on the deck and ate my dinner. Debbie showed up and we sat and chatted, had strawberries & ice cream too. Yea we got 10 lbs of strawberries today from my father in law. So I shared them with Heidi & Mom. Deb & I ate some then I decided to cut some up & freeze them for winter time when I am going to want fruit & can't get any.
Wade put weed killer on the weeds and everywhere he thought needed them. Hopefully no over spray got on my tomato plants I am growing. They are growing quite nicely too. I had him water those babies tonight just in case he did get weed killer on them (no way am I touching that). So the dogs had to be inside most of the day which they were not happy about. Tonight after Debbie showed up Bella decided to escape out of the hole she had been digging. Gunner tells on her everytime by standing at the hole with his nose in it. No way can Gunner fit under the fence. So Debbie & I drove around the block...no Bella. We said forget it she'll find her way home if she wants to. Sure enough Bella was back on the couch when we got home...in trouble of course. She is the problem dog! But oh well we still love her.

Today Lisa went into the hospital for her week of chemo. Please keep her in your prayers.
She will be feeling ok this week but next week as her numbers go down she will not be feeling so well. I was able to IM with her tonight for a short time and she said she is in good spirits and has a lot of faith about all this. She asked for everyone to send cards of encouragement and to keep her in your prayers. After chemo she waits for counts to come up, like two weeks, do another bone marrow biopsy...then pray the leukemia is gone or at a low percentage, then I believe she will have to come up to Seattle to have a lymphocyte injection with Renee's (her sister)lympocites to cause GVHD or anti leukemic and pray.

So that was my exciting weekend!!!

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scrapnstamper said...

I'm glad that things are going so well for you! You are sounding very domestic, you know... :) The book on pregnancy week by week, is it by Glade Curtis? If it is, that's the ob/gyn that I had when I was preggers with Travis and then Trevor. He's a great guy. I have an autographed copy. I can't wait 'til you get to see that sweet baby's heartbeat!!!