The BIG news!!

here is the first of many blogs to come! i am so excited to get this going and there is no better time than now.

the big news i want to share is that on friday night wade & i found out that we are going to have a baby!!!! yea!!!! i am still in shock about all this but it's growing on me. i am very excited at the same time. so if you haven't heard already that is the BIG news! we aren't going to find out what we are having...we want you all to be surprised! my side of the family has all granddaughters & wade's has grandson's. so this will be exciting for all of us. my brother of course said we better have a boy! wade controls that so no one can blame me. and if calculations are correct the baby will be due in FEBRUARY...not the month of choice for my family. we have 4 birthdays already that month. oh well i just want my older sister wendy to have something to complain about...hahahaha!

right now things are a bit crazy in my family. my younger sister is about to get married in 3 weeks. and then one month later she's moving to germany with her soon to be husband and daughter. i am going to miss them so much. i am sad she won't be here for the arrival of the new little mcbride but we'll have web cams so she'll be able to see the baby that way. and of course she'll get the phone call no matter what time of day it is over there.

oh the other good news for today is Kasey Kahne was on the poll in Michigan and WON!! way to go #9. and since today is father's day (wade's first unofficial father's day) he got a special gift...#9 sleeper & binki. this kid will have no choice but to be a #9 fan.


scrapnstamper said...

Hurray! A little McBride is on the way!!!! Couldn't happen to two nicer people!

Love you!

Mrs. Kirke said...

Trina!!! Wade. We are so excited for you!!! We can't wait to meet this little McBride. I bet he or she has the cutest cheeks. We are here for you if you need anything. We love you Larry and Tracy Kirke....!!!!!

plualum said...

Super big Congratulations! Wow! How exciting! Now you'll have something to scrap...for sure ;) Best wishes - Mike and Heidi

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!I begged for a baby for Christmas, but my birthday will work! Im so excited to be a auntie again!We are bummed that we wont be here for the babies arrival, but thank god for technology!!! We will be home to visit real soon hopefully. Im so happy for the two of you! Brea is still in shock, and very excited to have a baby cousin!We are on Uncles side...sorry Aunt Raegen we are cheerin for a BOY!!! Love you guys
XOXO Aunt Heidi and cousin Brea!!!

Piper88 said...

How exciting!!!! I'll be home July 21-31st and again probley for Christmas. My vote is a BOY on Valentines Day. Any names picked out yet? Well congratulations and I'll be praying for a happy, healthy pregnancy. Make sure Wade tells you your beautiful everyday of your pregnancy. :) Love you. Becks

Anonymous said...

Just when you were about to give up!! Must be meant to be....can't wait to start baby shopping!!! Congratulations to you both!! We think it's a girl...but want you to have a boy!!! Happy Days Ahead...and YAY..lot's more scrappin!!!
Love Ya! The House Bunch!

Shannon S said...

How awesome! Congratulations! We where just talking about children..... You are going to have so much fun scrapping that little one! Now I am going to be the only childless scrapper out there! Love the new blog.... Love the first little baby outfit! Cool, Cool Cool..... What can I saw. They better be a Kasey fan and love the huskies! Chat soon. Keep in touch. Please email me your cell number again... so I can program it into my phone.... 76 days till CE!