Summer is here!

Yea today is the first day of summer. For a minute I didn't think it would actually show its self. Right now it is so nice. If I had a laptop I would be out on my beautiful new deck my husband replaced a few weeks ago. He got new deck furniture for a VERY early birthday gift and it's all setup now.
Last night my mom & I played bunco with the BUNCO BABE group. They have been playing for about 13 years now. I joined about 2 years later. Ever month the hostess picks a theme and everyone brings a gift for the theme. Then when you roll a binki (3 of the same number you are not rolling for) you get to go pick a gift. Everyone goes home with something and money if you are lucky enough to be the winner or loser!! So last night I went home with the cutest gift (thanks Lane). I was blessed with flip flop patio lights. They are so dang cute. I can not wait to hang them up. Maybe my deck will have a theme of FLIP FLOPS. Yea...I'm sure Wade will love that.
So tonight before I sat down to make this a fun entry I read my email and got some very sad news from a dear friend of mine. My friend Lisa was diagnosed 2 years ago with Leukemia. She went thru chemo, bone marrow transplant and moved to New Mexico to recover. She has been recovering and progressing quite nicely until just recently. Debbie & I went to visit her in March and just after that her numbers went down again. So the doctor told her she had to have blood draws every other day. They found that 16% of the leukemik cells had returned to her body. The graph vs. host was night fighting the transplant. So they watched it and upped her meds to get it going again. Monday she had another bone marrow biopsy and found out today that 75% of the leukemik cells are back. The graph vs. host is not working. The bad cells are taking her body over again. She will be going to the hospital on Sunday to start chemo for 7 days and then she'll be back home. I just can not believe this. I believe she will be having another transplant but I'm not sure on that.
Please pray for my sweet friend and her family. Her daughter turned 10 today and found this out too! So sad.
I do not know the outcome of people who get the leukemia back.

Baby news -
Well no news yet!! I am feeling good. I have a doctor's appt on Friday so I will have more information then.


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