Crazy days ahead...

So the count down is on. Heidi is getting married in less than 2 days now. I haven't talked to her much this week. Her in-laws to be arrived in town on Sunday and she's been on the go ever since. They flew in from Kentucky and this is there first time to Washington. So Heidi is showing them around and trying to get her wedding stuff together. Mom was home cooking today for the wedding. She is doing all the food. Thank goodness Heidi's friend is taking over the kitchen at the reception so my mom can enjoy herself.
I have been a bit emotional this week. Lots of excitement and sadness building up for this. Exciting that Heidi is getting married but then it's sad because she's leaving in a month. Only 2 weekends left for Brea & I to hang out. I know she will be back...ok enough about them leaving or I'm going to cry.
So I have a busy day on Friday. Chiropractor, Pedicure, last minute shopping, finish or should I say start the guest book. Then off to rehearsal & dinner after that. Get home and go to bed and start again on Saturday.
I hope Heidi enjoys her special day as much as I did. I want her to take in the moment and not worry about the small stuff. Hey at least she will be smarter than her sister and not drop food on the front of her dress 5 minutes before walking down the aisle!
Last Saturday was her bachelorette party at The Longhorn. That was a fun time. Heidi looked so cute.... I just love her so much.
Heidi tells my mom to pass the message along to bring my camera to the pedicure. What sister does she think is coming with her...photo op...I am all over it!
Debbie is going to be the photographer for the wedding...she is going to do great.
Oh yea her oldest daughter Kaylee leaves tomorrow at 6 am for Utah. She is growing up and moving out of the house. What a great experience for her. Debbie will be sad tomorrow so I better check in on her {mental note}.
If I don't make notes I forget. I am so forgetful now that I am not taking my omni and I'm pregnant.
Speaking of that I have been feeling so good (so many people ask if I've been sick)...nope!! The only time I get naseau is when I get a headache but other than that I feel great. My pants don't button anymore so mom and I went shopping last Saturday for maternity clothes. I love those pants. I bought the cutest white capris. I think I am going to go buy another pair in a different color. I could wear them everyday.
Next Friday (7/14) Wade & I go for the ultrasound so I'll keep you posted on that.
Please keep praying for my friend Lisa. She is not doing so well this time around. Chemo hit her pretty hard.
Ok well it's off to bed so I can get up early and start the craziness. I'm just glad I'm not the bride this time!!!
Good night...

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Shannon S said...

Have a great time at the wedding and please enjoy yourself and have the bride do the same. I am sure everything will be beautiful. It is all good.... take a breathe and have fun. I hope to see some pictures on here soon. Did you get your goodie bag person for CE, are you doing that? I have a gal from GA! Well, gotta get back to work. On my lunch break. Just wanted to tell you I will be having happy thoughts for you this weekend.