Heidi tied the knot!!

Friday and Saturday were spent doing wedding stuff. What a fun time we've had. The anticipation leading up to it was draining but the wedding was so fun.
We got to meet Scott's parents who are from Kentucky. They are so fun & sweet. We all adore them. Heidi is so blessed with great in-laws. They took Brea as their granddaughter and just think the world of her. Susan, Scott's mom is getting used to being called "grandma". This is their first grandchild. They have spoiled that girl.
Friday we had rehearsal and Wendy punked Heidi. Heidi believed for 3 months that Wendy was going to have a REAL trained squirrel deliver the rings down the aisle. I do not know why she was having a blonde moment & believing this story. Wendy shows up with a decorated mini wagon & a stuffed squirrel carrying a sign "JUST MARRIED". Heidi laughed and thought that was so funny she could not wait for the real FILBERT III to arrive on Saturday to perform. She said "this is going to be great." Wendy told her that stuffed one WAS Filbert. Heidi wanted to know where the real one was at. We had to tell here there wasn't a real one...this was all she was getting...She said...I GOT PUNKED! That was a good moment!

Meet Filbert III.....

Filbert's Ride....
We all went to dinner at Al Lago's near Lake Tapps...that is some good Italian food. I think Wade & I will be going there again. Scott's parents treated us all to that. His Aunt & Uncle, cousins and Grandma all came too. It was so fun to have them there. They stayed in Seattle this week and have been doing tons of "SEATTLE" stuff.
Saturday the girls all met at the salon to get our hair & make up done. We had such a special time just hanging out, chatting, eating muffins & OJ. Then it was off to Mom's to get ready. I had to go home & get my stuff together first. Left the house & forgot my dress & shoes. So I ran back in for that. Finally got to mom's to get ready. Heidi looked so beautiful & SOOO HAPPY! She just radiated that day. She was very nervous the flowers wouldn't turn out the way she wanted but I think they did. She seemed very pleased with them. They were gorgeous. The rosed opened perfectly.
Then it was off to have pictures. Our friend Debbie House did the photos. I am sure they turned out great. We all had a fun time posing her & the groom. They were all good sports. It was very warm and the wedding party were troopers. Amber was a blessing (her & her husband Chris introduced Heidi & Scott). She did everything for Heidi. She was at her beck & call. Made sure she had water, lipstick, food. You name it, Amber did it. I love that girl. I am going to miss her when she leaves. But she is going to take good care of Brea for me and keep me updated on her happenings. She adores Brea as much as I do and will be a good back up for me! (thanks Amber!) After photos we took off for Mud Mtn. Dam and got the wedding rolling. Things went great. Of course as in every wedding there were a few hitches. But they are married and the 3 are a family now. Scott is so good to Brea. Wade & I feel really good about letting Brea go to Germany. Not that we have a choice in this matter but we have peace that Scott will take care of that Girl. We adore her as if she is our own and will miss her so much. Thank goodness for technology so I can see her via web cam.
The reception was a good time. The guests seem to enjoy the party. I didn't get to mingle much since I had a few "MOM'S" there that made me stay off me feet due to my spotting. But I had a good time watching everyone. Didn't get to dance either but Heidi did plenty of that.
It's nice to have it over but it was fun while it lasted. There were memories made that will not be forgotten.
Heidi, Scott & Brea I wish you the best time in Germany...see world Girl!!

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