Why do I....

procrastinate!! I do not know why but I do know it drives me crazy. I put things off until the last minute. Just like Sunday night. I had until Monday to get something "extra ordinary" made for my Let's Escape goodie bag (pre Arizona function) and I wait til Sunday night...when it was so frickin hot. I thought I was going to pass out. I was sweating and miserable. But I had to get it done. No way was I going to send an email saying I would have my package out late...all because I waited til the last minute. Even in high school I would leave my homework til the last minute and then stress about it. Hopefully I will get better...but then again!! Just like right now I am procrastinating on making cards for my dearest friend Lisa...who is so ill she can not make her own thank you cards & would not be happy if her sister sent out store bought ones. Her sister Gayle asked Debbie & I if we would make thank you cards & send them to her so she could write thank you's on Lisa's behalf. So of course we said yes...Debbie did hers that hour and me - well here I am on Wednesday not making them. I am going to though right after this blog entry.
Then Debbie wants to see pictures of the journal I made for my good bad. See I am so bad at getting photos sent...at least I took them. I think I just like to make her sit in suspense about what I did. See I don't usually scrap or create anything at home. It's usually at her house or somewhere else but we are always together {no wonder I get nothing done}. Before it was Deb, Lees & Trina and now it's just Deb & Trina (copying Lees's layouts!). Must be comforting to me to have the "Deb's seal of approval" on my crafting. I don't know. I always ask her "Is this OK" or "Can I do this"...of course I can...who the heck has ever seen the scrapbooking police...well maybe they are out there...The one's that don't pick our entries for publications - oh wait you have to enter before you can get rejected!
Speaking of publications Lisa was published in the best ever crafting magazine last month (June/July) issue of PAPER TRENDS - pg 20! As soon as she is well enough to come to Seattle I am going to hunt her down & get her autograph & a photo with her. Just like I am going to do with Heidi Swapp in Arizona.
If you live near a Costco you better get there & get one of these....
Haven't gotten mine yet but I will have it by FRIDAY (i hope). Love this totally random entry I am typing...just getting crap out of my head. Plus it's been forever since I BLOGGED...where di July go???
I am so obsessed with Heidi Swapp - she is the reason I LOVE Pink. She is the reason I am going to Phoenix. I still can not believe I am going (alone!) I am even considering getting my haircut like hers...yes SHORT. Don't tell Wade he doesn't know yet. I am going to MAYBE do this after Heidi, Scott & Brea leave. Then I won't feel so guilty going to someone else to do my hair....hahaha.
Here is the journal I made for my goodie bag swap. I hope Marcia likes it!!
So here it is....that black thing is an elastic thing around the book to get it to stay closed.
well I need to get some card making done...before Debbie yells at me AGAIN!! {hehehe}



Shannon said...

We all procrastinate at some point..... you are right it was way to hot to work on things this last week! I wanted to get pages done for Kasey, but didn't... BTW, I love the journal book you made and I am sure she will LOVE it. Bright colors! I want one!

We are so much alike, when I read your blog.....you write like I write...just to get things off your chest is such a good feeling and the blog doesn't yip back at you! Have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Ok...I would like to defend myself...this is Debbie, the one who apparently yells at Trina for not getting things done!! You are too funny..you know we keep each other on our toes. And yes...I did find our signature quote today!


Guess it's cuz we are too much alike that way!! Love you friend!!!