Sad day...

Today, august 29th is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. This is the day my sweet friend Lisa went home to be with God. She put up a fight & was determined to prove the doctor's wrong. God was ready for her today. He has a special place in Heaven for her.
She is healthy now, free of pain.
It saddens all of us left here on Earth. We will always remember her.
I always thought Debbie, Lisa & I would grow old together always scrapping together. I had so many trips I wanted to take back to NM.
Well I will be going again on Thursday thanks to my ever so loving husband who worked extra so I could go. As if sending me to Phoenix for a scrapbook excursion wasn't enough...
Here is the last photo taken of her in the hospital before she became very sick.
Her email to Debbie about this photo read:
Hi my sweet friend,
My Mom took this of me, you should be glad I let her. I am still looking healthy, so I let her, so some of my friends won't worry knowing I am still feeling good and have color.
I love you my friend.
I think of you often. Wish you were here. I may stamp a little tonigh. Maybe.
Love ya.Lisa

Lisa will always have a special place in my heart & she will not ever be forgotten.
Love you my friend...


Going back...

Yep I went back to Weight Watchers tonight. Now I am going to eat right again & take care of myself. I want to be a healthy mom when the time comes.
I was glad to know I was still under my original starting weight of 188...that's what I weighed in at in February of 2005.
I did find out that I can not do Weight Watchers while I am pregnant but it will start getting me to eat healthier.
So until I am pregnant I will continue to go & believe in myself. I will make goals & post them. Wade will see post its every where...he'll love that.
So if you come to visit you won't wonder why I have stickies all over.

Well I got good news tonight that Lisa's live count is going down. If you ever doubt there is a God or a God that can do miracles you better think twice. My friend is living proof.
She is eating some..not much. She is drinking coke slurpees. I better check on that & make sure they are Pepsi...she doesn't like Coke. I'll add that to the "do List".

Only 21 days until Creative Escape...my trip to Arizona. The scrapbook excursion I can not wait for. I get to meet Heidi Swapp! I love her....

Got a surprise phone call from one of my roommates tonight...Sherron (pronounced Sharon). She is a sweety...says she can't wear pink (doesn't look good on her) but I'll have to see for myself. She lives in Arizona & has not ever been to Scrapbooks Etc...that will change. And she will be going there when I go to visit...(I'll drive Sherron!!). She wants to move to Bellingham some day...I am encouraging that one since my favorite scrapbook store is there. Pretty sure I could talk her into letting me stay the night.
We are going to brave swimsuits so we can go down the lazy river! Oh yea...

Off to bed so I can get up for work...this work.
Debbie is leaving for Utah. I pray she has a safe drive there & that her car will behave & not breakdown. Seems like I haven't seen her forever and then when she gets home I'll have one weekend to see her before I leave. Which I am sad she's not going but she will have private classes from me on everything I learn. And she knows I'll shop for her too!!!



I just want to take a moment to think about my best friend. Lisa is her name. Today she is fighting for her life as the affects of cancer & chemo are trying to take her from us.
Picture L to R: Debbie, Trina & Lisa (9/17/05)

Warning...this is long....will post a pic later!!!

I met Lisa at a LSS (local scrapbook store) where she was teaching classes. I just started scrapping and was trying to get away from the creative memories style so I visited the LSS and saw the classes Lisa would be teaching...I signed up right away based on the layouts I saw (had no idea who Lisa was). After taking a few classes I really liked her style. I really liked this girl. Well I also decided that this new hobby was going to be something for life so I needed to step out of my box & meet people with like interest. I started going to late night crops at the LSS and Lisa was there by her self that night. She was over there designing a layout to teach. It just so happened to be a fishing layout. Well I knew I needed to take that class because Wade & I would be fishing soon & what a perfect layout. I started talking to her (I knew I wanted to be friends with the sweet girl...something about her!). We talked and I told her about me...how I was planning a scrapbook store excursion & had cookie exchanges. Months later she had said she liked that about me and wanted to befriend me at that time...well she did. She invited me to a "private" crop that a bunch of gals that worked at the LSS had after hours.
Now let me tell you a litte something...Lisa had this friend Debbie and she had to tell Debbie she invited an outsider - me (Debbie loves it when I tell this story!!). Debbie shrugged her shoulders and said OOHHH!!!...not real thrilled but went with it. I showed up and had fun...actually I really don't remember that night. I do remember I was nervous to meet all these strangers.
Lisa invited me to home parties at her house & I went and from there our friendship grew. We scrapped every friday and/or saturday at her adorable house in Orting. I was single & her husband (at the time) was always hunting or fishing so we had the house to ourselves. Debbie joined us a lot too. But since they were both stay home moms they scrapped a lot during the day. But Debbie didn't want us having fun without her so she did find a way to sneek over there. The big thing at the time was who was going to share the table wtih Lisa...well it was usually Debbie because she could get there first & if it was just Lees & I well we had our own table.
I've come to realize I was the lucky one...None of us want to share a table now!!!! We always ate junk when we scrapped. I introduced Lees & Deb to Touchdown Taco Dip, what a great garlice press Pampered Chef had, to Mary Kay makeovers. They introduced me to Longaberger(thanks girls), At home America, Close to my Heart,Impress and converted me from Coke to Pepsi. (Yea I remember I would always bring my own Coke because all they ever had was Pepsi. They've inspired me to be a better scrapbooker & most of all they gave me the gift of friendship.
Tradition was that when it was your birthday we had a scrap party...so we did...I was turing 29 and it is a weekend I will never forget. Lisa was going thru a divorce. Husband had left 6 months before & we really had the house to ourselves. Debbie got the weekend away (5 minutes from home!!!) and we were scrapping & I always found a way to get them to out for shopping!!
Lisa felt like a sore throat was coming on so she ran to the doctor that afternoon so she could get ahead of it so she wouldn't be sick for the weekend.
No big deal right...so we ate, shopped, scrapped...and the phone rang. We all thought who is calling at this hour (11:30pm). Well it was Lisa's doctor saying she needed to go have her blood checked again because the tests from earlier that day were not good. Her white blood cell count was very low. So we battled who was going to go to the hospital with her since Taylor was sleeping & the Dr. said it could not wait til morning. We even made her call the neighbor to take her...(nice friends). Well I lost & stayed with Tay & Deb & Lisa headed for the hospital to have a quick blook check & come right back to finish this FUN weekend we were having...they had crepes to make in the morning darn it....
Well this is when it all began. Lisa was immediately admitted. She had Leukemia...I cried when Deb told me. I said how much time do we have with her? Leukemia to me meant dying.
Her family immediately came out & life went crazy. Lisa was in the hospital for chemo for 30 days. We had to get busy..this girl needed money. We made suckers for money...they were a hit. Don't ever ask me to make suckers...EVER I will laugh at you!
Lisa taught me I could pull an auction together in 6 weeks. At the hospital I looked at Deb & said I am doing an auction for her. So I did...and we raised $8000 (i think!!) for her.
Lisa had to sell her house & move to Seattle to be closer to Fred Hutch & SCCA. She was going to have a bone marrow transplant. Renee her sister was a 100% match.
She had the transplant & when she was released she moved back to New Mexico to be with her family who could help her financially.
My friendship began to grow with Debbie...before that I always felt a bit insecure around her (yes Deb I did...!!!) I am so thankful Lisa introduced us & didn't back down when Debbie didn't want me to come to the scrapbook thing!!! {wink}.
Debbie has also become my best friend and without her I don't know what I would do. She has taught me so much...we'll save that for another blog entry.
I feel so blessed that I even met Lisa and had 2 wonderful years with her here in Washington.
In 2005 I got engaged to be married so I didn't plan any trips so New Mexico was out of the question. But Lisa came to Seattle to be in my wedding. I am so happy I have photos of her...her hair all grown back & feeling good.
Then in February Lees called & said she needed her friends to scrap with. So Deb & I went in March. We almost didn't because she would be coming here in June for a check up at SCCA.
But we did go. I almost held off until October for the balloon festival. I am so glad I didn't.
2 weeks after we left Albuquerquee Lisa found out the Leukemik cells were back in her body. She went back to the hospital for chemo, she would be out in 30 days, home to get better and back to Seattle for another transplant.
Sometimes God has other plans then what we have planned. Lisa is still in the hospital. I think we are up to about 50 or 60 days. I have lost count. I do know this...she is a miracle right now.
She had her chemo treatment and has gotten worse. On August 7th Gayle (her sister) called & said Lisa only had a few days to live. Her liver count was so high (35 - 5 is normal) the doctor's expected her to go into a coma and then it would be over. She would go to heaven & leave all her loved ones her on Earth. Debbie asked if we could talk to her so we did on speaker phone...the words LOVE YOU TONS from her weak (slurred) voice will always be in my head. It took everything in her little body to say that. I know she was smiling when she heard us talking to her.
So Debbie & I planned on flying out there sometime soon..Thursday came...Lisa was still fighting.
She even got up out of bed & strolled in the halls in her wheelchair. Quite an accomplishment for where she was at.
Her liver count continues to rise, fluid is on her heart & everthing is wrong with her...she is just sick.
She has the best mom...her mom will not give up on her. Nor will we. Lees always told me she was a strong willed child....and she is.
She told Julie (her mom) she wasn't ready to go. She is fighting for her daughter Taylor.
She is fighting for herself, family & friends.
I am not ready for her to go. When she comes home I will go to see her and just hug her & be close to her.
And tell her all the things we never tell anyone until it's too late...
So be sure to say I love you and tell someone how they've made a difference in your life. Don't wait til it's too late.
Read the book Tuesdays with Morrie.
Love ya,


And they are off to Germany...

Today my sister Heidi, Scott & Brea all left for Germany. They will be gone for the next two years. And all I can say is it better go fast! I am so happy for Heidi because she is happy! She is taking the journey of a lifetime and this will be such a great growing experience for her. I am sad because I have never lived away from her or my niece Brea. For the past nine years Heidi had been a single mom and my mom and I helped her take care of Brea. She worked Saturdays so it wasn't uncommon to have Brea on the weekends. Heidi was good about having lots of people take care of her but Mom & I had her at least 2 weekends a month. And now we aren't sure what we are going to do with those weekends. She is such an easy child to take care of. I am going to miss her more then words can ever say. I was blessed to have her this last weekend. My mom is on a cruise so she didn't get to share in the fun we had but she is having her own fun with the crazy red hatters!! I took Brea miniature golfing with her friend Jaycee and then I surprised them with riding on the go karts..you had to be 10 but I broke the rules a little. The joy on there faces was priceless. They had the best time and that is all they could talk about. I am so glad I could make her happy. Then we went back to Jaycee's and they swam for a few hours. We headed home to have dinner & take Uncle Wade to a movie for his birthday. Saw Taladega Nights (stupid movie). I was so disappointed but oh well. We went to this little theatre in town and it is very old. It plays one movie only & you're lucky if they show it twice in one night. It's cheap & so are the treats! It was too cute because Brea wanted to know what other movies they were playing...she had only ever been to a Regal Cinema where you get the selection of 5-10 movies and you are told what theater # to go to!!
Of cours after to movie the tears starting flowing. It would be my last night to cuddle with that girl. And I know when she comes back in two years cuddling with T-T is not going to be the thing to do anymore.
Heidi & Scott came to pick up Brea and I fixed them lunch. They stayed and visited for a few hours and then it was time to say good-bye. I hate good-bye's all I did was cry. Brea & Heidi told me to stop...they were very strong. But they've had lots of good-bye's to say. They are so excited to which makes me so happy.
Brea called me this morning to say good-bye again...she is so sweet. So now here I am crying again. I've been crying for about 45 minutes. I need to pull myself together and get ready. I am going to go have a fun day at my friend Debbie's. We're going to scrap, have lunch & scrap more.
Dang I am going to miss those girls....