And they are off to Germany...

Today my sister Heidi, Scott & Brea all left for Germany. They will be gone for the next two years. And all I can say is it better go fast! I am so happy for Heidi because she is happy! She is taking the journey of a lifetime and this will be such a great growing experience for her. I am sad because I have never lived away from her or my niece Brea. For the past nine years Heidi had been a single mom and my mom and I helped her take care of Brea. She worked Saturdays so it wasn't uncommon to have Brea on the weekends. Heidi was good about having lots of people take care of her but Mom & I had her at least 2 weekends a month. And now we aren't sure what we are going to do with those weekends. She is such an easy child to take care of. I am going to miss her more then words can ever say. I was blessed to have her this last weekend. My mom is on a cruise so she didn't get to share in the fun we had but she is having her own fun with the crazy red hatters!! I took Brea miniature golfing with her friend Jaycee and then I surprised them with riding on the go karts..you had to be 10 but I broke the rules a little. The joy on there faces was priceless. They had the best time and that is all they could talk about. I am so glad I could make her happy. Then we went back to Jaycee's and they swam for a few hours. We headed home to have dinner & take Uncle Wade to a movie for his birthday. Saw Taladega Nights (stupid movie). I was so disappointed but oh well. We went to this little theatre in town and it is very old. It plays one movie only & you're lucky if they show it twice in one night. It's cheap & so are the treats! It was too cute because Brea wanted to know what other movies they were playing...she had only ever been to a Regal Cinema where you get the selection of 5-10 movies and you are told what theater # to go to!!
Of cours after to movie the tears starting flowing. It would be my last night to cuddle with that girl. And I know when she comes back in two years cuddling with T-T is not going to be the thing to do anymore.
Heidi & Scott came to pick up Brea and I fixed them lunch. They stayed and visited for a few hours and then it was time to say good-bye. I hate good-bye's all I did was cry. Brea & Heidi told me to stop...they were very strong. But they've had lots of good-bye's to say. They are so excited to which makes me so happy.
Brea called me this morning to say good-bye again...she is so sweet. So now here I am crying again. I've been crying for about 45 minutes. I need to pull myself together and get ready. I am going to go have a fun day at my friend Debbie's. We're going to scrap, have lunch & scrap more.
Dang I am going to miss those girls....

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