Going back...

Yep I went back to Weight Watchers tonight. Now I am going to eat right again & take care of myself. I want to be a healthy mom when the time comes.
I was glad to know I was still under my original starting weight of 188...that's what I weighed in at in February of 2005.
I did find out that I can not do Weight Watchers while I am pregnant but it will start getting me to eat healthier.
So until I am pregnant I will continue to go & believe in myself. I will make goals & post them. Wade will see post its every where...he'll love that.
So if you come to visit you won't wonder why I have stickies all over.

Well I got good news tonight that Lisa's live count is going down. If you ever doubt there is a God or a God that can do miracles you better think twice. My friend is living proof.
She is eating some..not much. She is drinking coke slurpees. I better check on that & make sure they are Pepsi...she doesn't like Coke. I'll add that to the "do List".

Only 21 days until Creative Escape...my trip to Arizona. The scrapbook excursion I can not wait for. I get to meet Heidi Swapp! I love her....

Got a surprise phone call from one of my roommates tonight...Sherron (pronounced Sharon). She is a sweety...says she can't wear pink (doesn't look good on her) but I'll have to see for myself. She lives in Arizona & has not ever been to Scrapbooks Etc...that will change. And she will be going there when I go to visit...(I'll drive Sherron!!). She wants to move to Bellingham some day...I am encouraging that one since my favorite scrapbook store is there. Pretty sure I could talk her into letting me stay the night.
We are going to brave swimsuits so we can go down the lazy river! Oh yea...

Off to bed so I can get up for work...this work.
Debbie is leaving for Utah. I pray she has a safe drive there & that her car will behave & not breakdown. Seems like I haven't seen her forever and then when she gets home I'll have one weekend to see her before I leave. Which I am sad she's not going but she will have private classes from me on everything I learn. And she knows I'll shop for her too!!!



Lindsay K. said...

Just checking in to see if there was any news about your friend. I've been storming Heaven for her. I hope that my prayers are being answered.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trina,

I know that you don't know me, but just wanted to let you know that I was thinking of you too. I can't imagine how hard this is for you and Debbie to watch your friend fight a battle like this. My prayers are with you all.