Sad day...

Today, august 29th is a day I will remember for the rest of my life. This is the day my sweet friend Lisa went home to be with God. She put up a fight & was determined to prove the doctor's wrong. God was ready for her today. He has a special place in Heaven for her.
She is healthy now, free of pain.
It saddens all of us left here on Earth. We will always remember her.
I always thought Debbie, Lisa & I would grow old together always scrapping together. I had so many trips I wanted to take back to NM.
Well I will be going again on Thursday thanks to my ever so loving husband who worked extra so I could go. As if sending me to Phoenix for a scrapbook excursion wasn't enough...
Here is the last photo taken of her in the hospital before she became very sick.
Her email to Debbie about this photo read:
Hi my sweet friend,
My Mom took this of me, you should be glad I let her. I am still looking healthy, so I let her, so some of my friends won't worry knowing I am still feeling good and have color.
I love you my friend.
I think of you often. Wish you were here. I may stamp a little tonigh. Maybe.
Love ya.Lisa

Lisa will always have a special place in my heart & she will not ever be forgotten.
Love you my friend...


Shannon S said...


Have a safe flight to NM. I will be thinking of you. I think we are going to be crying a lot at CE and will need to be together through this!


Lindsay said...

You and Debbie should be home now from NM. I am so sorry that Lisa's funeral was the reason you went back to NM. I hope that you and Debbie were able to find peace and lean on each other during the difficult moments. Give each other a big hug from me.