Look what I've been up to

Here is what I've been doing. Pics of my wall hanging that still needs some work. I have another strip that goes down the side by the snowman that says "we can build a snowman". Still have some top stitching to do and then add the border, attach the back and quilt it.

edit 12/1/06 - had to remove something since I am making it stuff for Christmas gifts. I'll re post it after the holidays. If you need a picture fo what was here email me.

2/1/06 - advent calendar back up!!


RAK'd and loving it!!!

Oh my goodness...I came home today to find these PINK cards in the mail from sweet Shelley from CE '06 and before I go to bed I had to post them. I LOVE them! Do you know how happy this makes me...what a day! Plus I subbed for a bunco group tonight and WON first place. I won this Party Lite Tree decoration that holds votives...very fun!
I can't believe how PINK they are!!!
Thanks Shelley!


Celebrate Life

WHOA...it's been a while since I've blogged and Debbie told me today I really needed to update it since the last post was so sad...Now on to a happy one.
I realize I have a lot of things to update on but for today I am going to talk about TODAY!

Debbie and I went to see Stacy Julian (one very inspiring chick) at the CK Scrapbook Convention in Bellevue. We attended her back stage party where we were blessed to receive her newest book - The Big Picture. If you don't have it - GET IT! Since I already owned this book I decided to have a little drawing for the girls on the CE (Creative Escape - you know the fun thing I went to in Arizona that I'll tell you all about later) Yahoo board! I asked who did not have this book and to let me know. When I got home tonight I had about 16 emails from girls telling me they did not own it and did not know why they didn't. So I put there names in a basket, had Wade draw a name and we had a winner...KRISTIN BRUNO (she's on the right) from New York. I love this girl. She is so fun & spunky and adorable and sweet. Here she is with her friend Karen at CE...aren't their shirts cute? They made them using a Heidi Swapp mask & iron ons!
Stacy had her new baby with her that she just adopted from Korea two weeks ago...precious! So not only did we get her book but we also had a bag full of goodies..Stacy's favorites and then as if that wasn't enough she did a drawing for 3 sets of 4 of the Memory Keepers albums she uses, Stone Creek mini totes & few other fun things.
So sweet! One thing I learned and LOVED and am going to do is us the Stone Creek mini tote as a Handwriting tote...see page 119 of her book. This is where you put all your handwriting tools so you can journal on your pages using your own handwriting...come on girls let's do this!!
Here topic was CELEBRATE LIFE...
She talked about how scrapbooking is self help. How Life is not a dress rehearsal. She is so right. We don't get to do this again, we get one shot at it so Celebrate it. Scrapbooking is mostly for us how we live scrapbooking every moment. Just because we are not doing an actual layout does not mean we are not scrapbooking. Walking thru Target is inspiring, getting ideas this is also scrapbooking...I must agree!
Stacy loves sprinkles...these are a standard staple in her home. I love sprinkles too but her family, they use them on everything not just the freshly decorated sugar cookies. It makes life more fun...
She really makes you see things in a whole new light...Love how she is so simple. That is my goal to get more done and keep it simple. I'm going to try sprinkles more and so should you...do it and tell me about your adventure with sprinkles.
I could go on and on and you would fall asleep at your keyboard so I won't.
But I am going to tell you this if you do not own her book go get a Joann's coupon and buy it. It is so inspiring.
Oh one thing I have to tell you, at CE Stacy wanted to know where she could get the {create} shirt I had on (the one's I had made for me & my roommates at CE) and I told her I had them made. Well I also just had one made for her and took it to her at the convention...You should have seen how excited she was!!! As soon as Debbie sends me the picture of the three of us I'll post it on here.
UPDATED - Debbie sent me the photo...here we are!!