I am so L.U.C.K.Y.

Today I just feel so "lucky". So many good things happened to me in this past few months to make me feel this way.

*Signed up for Creative Escape

*Found out I'm having a baby in October & I've been sick...this is good!

*Booked my flight to Germany to see my sister and her family...whom I miss so much.

*Booked my husband's trip to Vegas...in July

*Had the best birthday party in a long time...thanks Deb, Mel & Sharon.
*And so many more things....
One today was my friend Cindy from New Jersey called me, called me again and again and never gave up because our cell phones were cutting out.
She inpires me to do things I don't want to do...like join a Charm swap for Creative Escape. Such an incredible, talented girl. And one I get to call my friend. Not only that but she told me how to make a video out of pics and music.
Which leads to my next Lucky thing. About a month ago Lisa's sister Gayle sent me the Power Point slide show from her funeral to burn copies. Well since it came it has been missing. I tore my house apart looking for it. Frantic about telling Gayle it was missing...my dh went out to the "burn" pile of junk mail and found it in the box. It was one LUCKY day!
So I watched the video, burned copies and realized that no one has Power Point on there computer and it won't play in a dvd player so I knew I had to re-create it.
Thanks to Cindy I figured out how to make this video and will be able to burn CD's for everyone this week.
While watching the slide show and crying I saw a picture that reminded me of how LUCKY I was to have just spent one year ago with my 2 bff in New Mexico. In fact it was St. Patrick's day 2006. A holiday I don't normally celebrate holds so many memories. So this year to celebrate I made my friends Green Chocolate popcorn that Heidi Swapp gave us in her Year To Remember class. Then I delivered it to each of them. Gagging and all...the morning sickness that lasts all day!!!
So far 2007 has been A Year To Remember.
I just feel so LUCKY to have such a great husband, family & friends.
Life would be very dull with out any of them.




kathy said...

happy belated birthday, girlfriend!! i hope you had a fabulous day....and continue to have luck surround you!

can't wait to see you!

take care,

Anonymous said...

Such a heartfelt blog...very nice job treen..I love to read these..and you will be so glad to be able to look back on these thoughts. So grateful you pushed me to go to Albq a year ago..and thankful for the wonderful memories with my BF's also!!
Love you friend!!