We're having a baby!

So it's official..Wade & I will be having our first baby sometime around October 23. I went to the doctor on Wednesday and he did an ultrasound and the baby is measuring perfect size for 8 weeks. The dr. saw the heartbeat but I couldn't really tell what is was. We are both very excited. I have not been feeling so well. My mom says I could feel worse. I feel nauseous all the time and have this nasty taste in my mouth. Hopefully it will go away soon.
I'll keep everyone posted here on this blog of any updates so be sure to check back. I go back on March 28th to hear the baby's heart beat so that will be very exciting.
We are not going to find out the baby is so everyone will be surprised!!! My sister's aren't real happy about that but they'll be ok. Wade & Ryan are hoping for a boy. Wade needs a new hunting partner...hahaha!
Well back to work.
Happy St. Patrick's day.
Wear green.


Kim said...

Congratulations on your big news!!!!

Shannon S said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!! I am so happy for you guys! Please keep us posted on all the exciting details!

kathylnorthup said...

can't wait to see this new baby.......luv...auntie kathy

Anonymous said...

Way to go for blogging friend~~I was surprised...only 3 more days till you go back to hear that heartbeat...hope you start feeling well soon. I need my scrappin friend back to inspire me!!
Love you!