quick update...

15 weeks pregnant as of YESTERDAY! Wow where has the time gone? Since about 8 weeks I have been throwing up morning & evening. I had an ultrasound at 8 weeks! How weird to see a little peanut inside you. Then because I miscarried before the DR. wanted to do another ultrasound at 10 weeks. So Wade & I went back to the dr. This time we saw a heartbeat and the baby moving around like crazy. Wade & I couldn’t believe it. It was so amazing to see this little thing moving all over.Week 14 had another check up…LOST 7 lbs. I was worried that the little guy (NO THIS DOES NOT MEAN WE KNOW THE SEX…it is just what Wade & the doc called it and it stuck!) was being starved but the doc said it was just fine and to not worry. He did another ultrasound and the baby grew! Not moving so much this time but it was still amazing. I have been eating cheetos & orange pop for a few days. For some reason this just sounds & tastes good and it’s staying down! Not much other news on the baby side of things. Next dr. appt is after Germany – June 4th.

In 2 weeks I will on a plane heading to Europe to visit my sis & her family. I can’t believe after 9 months I get to go see them. I can’t believe how much I miss them. I can’t wait to hug on Brea and just hold her hand. I miss that kid so much. And my sister & husband are doing so good. My mom can not stop saying how PROUD of her she is. SHE’s made a great life for her and her little family.Well it’s late (shocker I am still up!) so I’m off to bed.



kathy said...

trina.......so glad the baby is doing well.....and hope your nausea goes away soon.

have a safe trip to germany.....can't wait to get to see ya!!


Anonymous said...

My Trina friend...even found time to blog...way to go!! I hope you have a wonderful time in Germany!! This will be so good to see your little Brea and Heidi and Scott!!
I will miss you friend...see you soon!!