The Baby's Room

Saturday my mom and I went out to see if we could find a crib and changing table. I had this idea of possibly getting a white crib with a changing table that is open & has shelves for baskets.
We started by stopping by Sugar Babies in Sumner. This is a little consignment shop for babies and the owner is very very picky about what she takes in. All her stuff looks brand new. We walked in and saw this adorable crib and another "little" crib with the changing table/dresser. I asked her if she would be willing to split the set up since I liked the other crib better. She said ok. I still wanted to check out Burlington Coat Factory to see what they had and price them. So we went to Auburn and looked but I didn't find anything I HAD to have. So back to Sumner we went to buy the furniture I liked. I walked into the store to find the "little" crib gone and my heart sank thinking that the dresser was sold too. I thought "why didn't I put it on hold?". Well honestly I didn't think the stuff would sell in a few hours. Luckily the dresser was still for sell along with the crib I wanted so I bought it and brought it home.
Mom, Wade & I all cleared the back room out so we could move the new furniture in. Once we got it set up I asked Wade what bedding he wanted to put on it. He picked the boy set (I have a complete set for both boy & girl since we didn't find out what we are having.) so that is what is on it right now. Of course this could change or it may not. But just because the boy set is on doesn't mean that is what we are having. It is still a complete SURPRISE!!
I am going to add picture frames with b&w photos of our family and hang them with ribbon. And then I am going to hang a sign in there with the baby's name on it. I have to order one from Sugar Babies after we know. Not sure what else I might do in the room but for now this is how it looks. I picked the green for now because it goes with both of the sets but that will eventually change too. I am not one to have neutral stuff for babies!!!

--yes that is a frog in the bed. Lois bought me a few frog accents to add to the room.


Debbie said...

OH my gosh...what a surprise to come home to Treen blogging!!! And SOOOOOO exciting to see that you found a set for this little one!!! I love what you picked out!! And SOOO happy to see the bedding on as well....very, very cute!!! (And I will be SO happy to change it to Pink for you...if needed..wink..wink!!) Way to go!!
We are so excited for this little McBride to be here!! Seems more realistic that you are having a baby now..seeing the room ready!!!
Love you friend!!

kathylnorthup said...

trina.......the baby's room looks fabulous......and i'm with debbie.....would love to see PINK in there!!!

can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks.....take care....and travle safely!!