In Loving Memory of...

Lisa McDermott

Only one year ago today my sweet friend Lisa passed away. I always think of the song that was sung at her service called "If you could see me now". I know she is so much better off and she's not sick anymore but I still miss her.
I miss the fun times we had. The craziness she always brought out in us and the creativeness she had.
Lisa will always hold a special place in my heart and will be missed until the day I can see her again.
Love you Lees.....

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Debbie said...

Yay..Trina posted!! And I love the photo's you chose to post of all of us as well! So glad Lees was able to be in your wedding too!! We have made many memories...and lots more to come friend!!
Yes...the countdown is on!!!!!
Creative Escape Baby...here we come!!