Saying Good-Bye...

The first part of August I received a phone call from Scott (my brother in law) to say good-bye. He would be leaving in a few days after the phone call for deployment to the "sandbox". It was not a good day for me. Saying good-bye is never been an easy thing. I am so thankful for technology though. The other day I was able to IM him and see him on the webcam.

I can't imagine in a million years what my sister went thru the day she had to take him to the bus and say good-bye. Everyday is a challenge for her but I know she can get thru this. It will only make their love stronger.
Please pray for Scott, Heidi & Brea during this long venture they are about to endure.
Here is pic of them the day he left.
I love you V Family!!!!

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