Let the count down begin...

Can you believe my due date is only 3-1/2 weeks ago - or so! Of course I will probably go after my due date only because I am ready to have this baby NOW. But once again it is out of my control. Learning that a lot of things are out of my control. Oh well what can you do!
So tonight I had bunco and they gave me a surprise baby shower!! It was so fun. I can't believe they did this for me. I was so tired I didn't even realize what was going on. I got a lot of great things. Lots of necessity type stuff. What a great surprise.
Last night I got my thank you cards written out for the shower Lois and my mom gave me the past weekend. And then this weekend my sister in law (Ragan) is having a shower for me. I have been so blessed by so many people...I just can't believe it. THEN....as if that wasn't enough, my boss and friend at work are giving me a shower next Wednesday. I am a bit overwelmed with all the generosity that is around me.
I have been working so much but it will be worth it all in a few weeks.
So maybe we should be taking bets on this baby...Date, Time, Weight & Sex.
Ok so no pics today because they are all on my laptop and I'm using the other computer to post this from but I'll get some fun pics up...
Heidi sent me some of the cutest dang stuff from Germany for the baby. I couldn't believe it. Why didn't I see these things when I was there...oh yea I was too busy looking at million dollar strollers. I wonder if I can wear it out? Probably not.
This weekend I plan on getting my scrap room re-organized for the hundredth time. I need to be able to have a place to scrap and it seems that just when it gets cleaned up the scrap space becomes the catch all table for all the other crap I have laying around. That is going to stop...we need to purge this house of all the crap we don't use.
The baby's room won't be done until sometime after the baby comes. I still need to get pictures developed and frames bought. Wade still needs to move his clothes out of the closet and I need to find a home for the other stuff that accumulates in there...like suitcases. Oh speaking of suitcases, stay tuned for a good suitcase story. I have to be able to post pics before I can tell you the story.
Actually, I have a lot to blog about so maybe this weekend....
Ok note to self..things to blog:
*Pregnancy re-cap
*Creative Escape 2007
*Baby Shower pics
I'm sure there is more but that is all I can think of this late....

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Debbie said...

Thank-you friend for blogging!!! I know you are so busy...so this WAS huge for you!!! I'm proud of you...making time to do the little things!! So my guess in writing... "Little KOLE" born on October 24th weighing in at 8lbs. 10 oz. @ 5:15 pm..there it is...bets are on!! Happy days are comin' soon!!!