Still Pregnant

Here it is October 17th and I'm still pregnant. Not shocking since my due date isn't until the 20th. I was just hoping to have the baby today. 17 is a common number in my family (Mom, Heidi & Ryan's b-day all fall on a 17 & our anniversary is on a 17). Oh well the baby will come when it's ready. It's not up to me (yet any way!).
Went to the doctor on Tuesday and was dilated to a 3 and my cervix was 50% effaced. Life in general is getting harder. I can't move much and getting out of bed or off the couch is the hardest. Finally packed mine and the baby's bags today. Nothing like last minute! Wade figured the car seat out and got the base all installed in the car. So if it does happen tonight we will be ready!
Heidi told me to go jump on a trampoline...may resort to that if nothing happens by Saturday.
Not going to type much tonight since I'm grumpy and it hurts to sit here anyway!



Dr. update

I went to the doctor on Tuesday and guess what...I lost 2.5lbs...how? I have no idea. So now I've gained a total of 4.5 lbs since my first dr. appt back in March. Heart rate was good. Baby's heart beat was 144. Dr said the baby can come anytime. We are 9 days away from the due date but could go over (hope not).
Today I woke up with a lot of pressure on my pelvis. It is no longer just hurting when I stand up but also when I sit. I hurt really bad and sure it is going to get worse. I am tired but I keep going. I am no longer going to the office to work...just working from home now until the baby comes.
I think it could come this weekend or at least by the 17th. But you never know.

My oldest niece turned 17 today. I can't believe she is that old. I need to post a pic of her from her b-day dinner last night but I haven 't downloaded them yet...will do that soon.

Going to bed so I can work tomorrow and take the work into our Maple Valley office to be picked up and taken to Seattle so I don't have to drive in and drop it off.

Baby sure is tight tonight. Starting to have back pain!!!



Pregnancy Recap - long

So I am down to about 2-1/2 weeks. Going to the dr. weekly now. Today I actually gained weight (3 lbs) and I am dialated to a 1!!! From the first day I went to the dr until today I have only gained 7 lbs. I am not sure how because I do eat now. The Dr. is not concerned since the baby keeps growing. We'll have to see what happens this week.

First Trimester

After my first dr's appt I got very sick. Nothing would stay down. I would throw up in the morning up waking up and going in the kitchen. Then again everyday at 6pm. If I wasn't home from work I would have to pull off the side of the road. I ate ice cream and ice chips. I would suck on Jolly Ranchers hoping I would not lose my lunch. Smells made me sick. It didn't matter what kind of smell it was. I tried EVERYTHING the dr. said for naseau but nothing helped at all. Finally I realized I had acid reflux and got some medicine. That has helped for the most part. I also got naseau medicine that made me very sleepy. So after dinner I would take my meds and go to bed. I was asleep by 8pm. My husband didn't know what to do with me. I did nothing for 3 months except go to work and come home and sit on the couch. It was all I could do to get to 8pm. I was exhausted and tired of throwing up. I ended up losing 7 lbs during this trimester. Everything else was good.

I knew I needed to get better QUICK...I was going to Germany and did not want to experience using the little white bag.

Second Trimester

Finally I started feeling better and I wasn't throwing up anymore. I was no longer taking my naseau meds but still had acid reflux. I went to Germany and all went well. Threw up a few times due to some smells but I felt good. I was very sore from all the walking since I had sat around for a few months but I did my best to keep up with the Vogelphols. They were very patient with me!!! I came back and went to the dr. to find out I had gained 5 lbs in between appts. which I think was like 5 wks. But I did eat a lot of Eis (ice cream in german) while I was there.
I had some energy and felt much better. I worked a lot of hours since I did have the energy to do so but also my boss gave notice and I had a short time to learn as much as I possibly could.
I got thru that. Still didn't have a nursery or anything but that would eventually come.
I just knew I was getting bigger. Went to Vegas where it was very HOT. But I managed to survive that. Sleeping was getting harder and I kept waking up around 2am. That was very annoying.

Third Trimester

Yea the 3rd trimester arrived and that meant I was off to Arizona...I think I like it HOT!
I took the chance and registered for Creative Escape in Phoenix knowing I would be 33 weeks along. It was a great chance. I finally swelled up on Sunday before coming home and realized how greatful I was that I lived in WA and didn't have the hot heat for the summer. I gained some weight up until I went to AZ ( I was up a total of 5 lbs from my original start weight).
Dr. still said that was fine...baby was growing. Then last week when I went I LOST 1 lb....how do you lose weight? I don't know...but I did make up for it this week - 3lbs. Reality set in when I started getting stretch marks on my belly. Didn't have any until this trimester. My clothes I bought too big. I really thought I would gain a lot of weight and get big and my clothes would barely fit in the end but I was wrong. I am thankful for that however my pants don't seem to stay up so I am constantly tugging at them. I also didn't plan for the fall weather to come so early. I am still wearing capri's and sandals. I refuse to buy more maternity clothes....waste of money at this point.

Baby's heartbeat has been constant throughout the entire pregnancy - 135-140.
Wade and I think it's a boy so we always refer to the baby as "him". But we still don't know for sure what we are having. I do know it's gettting close. I am having anxiety about it. I really wish I knew the date for sure since I try to plan things. I really don't like the not knowing part of all this. But I can't control everything can I??? (hahaha).

Here is a pic of me pregnant....at 34 weeks or so!