Still Pregnant

Here it is October 17th and I'm still pregnant. Not shocking since my due date isn't until the 20th. I was just hoping to have the baby today. 17 is a common number in my family (Mom, Heidi & Ryan's b-day all fall on a 17 & our anniversary is on a 17). Oh well the baby will come when it's ready. It's not up to me (yet any way!).
Went to the doctor on Tuesday and was dilated to a 3 and my cervix was 50% effaced. Life in general is getting harder. I can't move much and getting out of bed or off the couch is the hardest. Finally packed mine and the baby's bags today. Nothing like last minute! Wade figured the car seat out and got the base all installed in the car. So if it does happen tonight we will be ready!
Heidi told me to go jump on a trampoline...may resort to that if nothing happens by Saturday.
Not going to type much tonight since I'm grumpy and it hurts to sit here anyway!


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