After asking for this for 6 years I finally got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Christmas. I have asked for one of these since Wade and I started dating. I even registered for one when we got married so I could buy it at a discount if we received enough in Macy Gift cards (I was out voted and got a knife set instead). So this year Wade heard an ad on the radio for a rebate if you bought the kitchen aid. My husband researchers everything before he buys. He is not an impulse buyer like myself. He ended up picking out the professional model (maybe he's hoping I'll become a prof. chef or something - ha)because it had metal gears and would last longer (the one with plastic gears would last long too since I rarely cook!) plus after the rebate it only ended up being $50 more then the Artisan model. Ok fine if this is what he wanted to get me. But it didn't come in pink which is another reason I am sure he chose this model because then that color was not even an option. In fact it didn't have a lot of great colors. It did have red but I'm not a red person even though my kitchen is but it may not always be so I chose a more neutral color without picking black or white.
So the UPS driver brings it to my door before Christmas and I was so excited but I chose to not use before then. However we did open it to see if would fit on my counter under the cupboards (which I did tell Wade he should measure before buying) and NOPE it didn't fit. I have the model that doesn't tilt up...the bowl lifts up and down so it's a little taller. Oh well - guess I'll have to get a new house so the Kitchen Aid will fit!!!
I took it out today to use it and let's just say I AM IN LOVE! I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and it was so dang easy...oh did I mention I have the pour shield. Yes that is wonderful too. If you have a KA and don't have the pour shield go buy one RIGHT now! Then I made Taco dip for our New Year's party and I had to whip the cream cheese & sour cream and it was so nice and easy. I can't believe it took me this long to get one. I am going to make more cookies tomorrow.
Oh and the cute apron I am wearing, well my mom made it for me for Christmas. I am so LOVING that too. I LOVE aprons right now. I called her up and asked for a scrapbooking apron...hope I get one for my birthday. They are so much fun. She made the cutest dang aprons for Heidi & Brea. I think I need a black & White one or a pink & green one for scrapbooking. Brea got a pink & green one and I'm hoping if she didn't like it she'll re-gift back to me for my b-day (hint hint...hahahaha). She is too sweet and would never do that. Plus I bet she liked it a lot.
Ok well off to a New Year's party!


Epson printer

So I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about one of the little personal printers

since...um...March 2005 when Lisa showed hers off to Debbie and I while we were scrapbooking. I couldn't justify getting one but I REALLY wanted one. I loved how you could print 4 wallet size photos of 4 different pictures (not 4 of the same photo). But I had a nice photo printer that attached to my desktop computer that I rarely used. I usually just send my photos to Costco and get them and then never scrapbook. I have really gotten into doing Projects instead of scrapbook pages since I went to CE 2006. When I bought my new camera I got a new Epson printer. I have always been an HP girl but I've read a lot about scrapbookers really liking Epson so I hooked mine up to just see how it worked. I told myself if it didn't print photos very well I would give it to my mom since she just usually prints documents and I would keep my HP printer. Well I fell in love with the Epson and gave the HP to my mom.

I made a mini book of Olivia for my BIL Scott but only had 4 x 6 photos that I had to try to crop and fit in this book - the whole time thinking "if I just had that little printer". I couldn't even go over to my desktop to print the pictures because all the photos since Olivia was born are on my laptop which isn't hooked up to a printer and it was too painful for me to hook up the big printer. So I started looking at the Epson Picturemate and decided I wanted one. I researched it a little and compared it the HP and went back and forth on which I should buy. I ended up at Best Buy and was able to test out both of them. I decided the Epson was much easier to use and bought that one. I am so loving it.

xoxo, T


all Smiles....

I can't believe my baby is 2 months and 4 days old. She is smiling so much. Today Wade was holding her on the couch hanging out and she had her hand all propped up on her chin. She looked so cute (heck I think she looks cute all the time)so I grabbed the camera and took a few pics of her. I think she knows what to do now when mom has the big black thing in front of her face because after I took a couple photos she smiled for the next one and this is what I got! It just melted my heart...even more so now just knowing my days are numbered before I head back to work and don't have all day with her very soon.

Christmas Day

We all have been sick so we just laid low for Christmas. We had a wonderful "Olivia's First Christmas". Olivia got me up about 7am (after i got 4 hours of sleep since I stayed up making all my Christmas gifts!) and we got ready and headed over to my mom's. But before that Wade brought in the few gifts he got for me. And Olivia and I gave Wade his stuff that he didn't want us to buy. We got him new cologne (Kenneth Cole RSVP)and a gift certificate to Cabela's. He seemed pretty happy since there is a new Cabela's store in Lacey. He got me a new Kitchen Aid mixer...you know the kind that sits on the counter! I have wanted one for 6 years and I finally got it. But just a slight problem - it doesn't fit under my cupboards on the counter so we have to figure something out. Wade thought for sure it would fit but since we ordered it offline we can't easily return it.Oh well we get something figured out. He also got me some new earphones for my ipod and Uno Attack, which I can't wait to play. We didn't do much for Olivia since she has been so spoiled already. But I got her a new pink blanket with silky (my personal fav) and a new froggy bath towel. We started a tradition this year with Livy...she gets Jammies, an ornament and a christmas book all wrapped up in a hat box that she gets to open on Christmas Eve.

Once at my mom's we started opening gifts since Ryan was anxiously waiting for us. He doesn't get to start his Christmas until we arrive. Poor guy...no more kids at my mom's! We had gifts from Heidi, Scott & Brea that they sent to us all from Germany. They were so generous to all of us and especially spoiled Olivia. They got little O the most precious keepsake gift - a little silver bracelet from Belgium and an adorable outfit from my favorite clothing store H&M. Heidi went to Czech and got me the best black Coach purse and matching wallet and a really neat bag. I am so loving them...and a beautiful Boheim Crystal Vase that will look great with tulips in(which I will be buying this spring). They bought Wade & Ryan these funny t-shirts that say "Where the heck is AUSFART?" It's a joke since my mom & I went to Germany...Ausfart is EXIT in German.
Mom made us brunch and we had a mellow day. I was looking at the pictures and realized I need to teach my brother how to ZOOM IN...I don't need full body shots of myself, thank you! We'll work on that for next year.
Went to Sue's house for dinner and exchange gifts. Mike, Ragan & the boys were in California for Christmas so it was pretty quiet. We didn't stay longs since I decided to have a crappy headache (which I still have). Came home and finished the night ont he couch.
Hope you all had a wonderful day with friends & family.

Olivia in her Christmas Jammies

This is the Christmas outfit Dan & Dodie bought Olivia for Christmas...It was so cute on her!


bring him home santa

be prepared to cry! debbie brought this website to my attention today and this video was on there. i know my sister's (heidi) list to santa has "to have my husband home" and if i could have one wish granted that is what it would be for her. i know christmas is hard for her & brea this year but they are making the best of it. we are all so proud of scott for setving our country so we can have the freedom we have. we are also proud of all the other soldiers as well. and thank you to all the spouses who are left behind to take care of their families and live like single parents. you all are so courageous.
merry christmas.

Merry Christmas

Wanted to wish you all a Merry Christmas & Happy New Year. Hope your 2008 is a wonderful & healthy year for you and all your families. We are so excited to watch our new little one grow. Although I would love to keep her small her dad can't wait for her to be a little older and be running around (I can wait!).

It will be back to work for me on Jan. 4th - only part time for January and then we'll see what happens after that. I have to work Saturday's so I am going to be off on Wed & Thursdays. Wade is going to watch Olivia on Friday and Saturday's (I'm sure there will be some help from Nanny & Grandma Sue) and then our friend/niece Lindsey will watch her on Monday & Tuesday's. Hopefully I won't have too many break downs at work being away from her. I can't believe how fast time has gone by. The next 2 weeks I am going to just hold her and keep to myself as much as I can. Wade is off until the 2nd so I will have to share some of the time with him. He's been so helpful at night when she decides to "party like a rock star" and stay up until 2am. I think she wants to be on Germany time so she can go visit her auntie & cousin and if that is the case we better get going over there soon! We sure do miss them a lot.

Enjoy your holiday!


PS - here is a little pic for auntie & brea!


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