Christmas Day

We all have been sick so we just laid low for Christmas. We had a wonderful "Olivia's First Christmas". Olivia got me up about 7am (after i got 4 hours of sleep since I stayed up making all my Christmas gifts!) and we got ready and headed over to my mom's. But before that Wade brought in the few gifts he got for me. And Olivia and I gave Wade his stuff that he didn't want us to buy. We got him new cologne (Kenneth Cole RSVP)and a gift certificate to Cabela's. He seemed pretty happy since there is a new Cabela's store in Lacey. He got me a new Kitchen Aid mixer...you know the kind that sits on the counter! I have wanted one for 6 years and I finally got it. But just a slight problem - it doesn't fit under my cupboards on the counter so we have to figure something out. Wade thought for sure it would fit but since we ordered it offline we can't easily return it.Oh well we get something figured out. He also got me some new earphones for my ipod and Uno Attack, which I can't wait to play. We didn't do much for Olivia since she has been so spoiled already. But I got her a new pink blanket with silky (my personal fav) and a new froggy bath towel. We started a tradition this year with Livy...she gets Jammies, an ornament and a christmas book all wrapped up in a hat box that she gets to open on Christmas Eve.

Once at my mom's we started opening gifts since Ryan was anxiously waiting for us. He doesn't get to start his Christmas until we arrive. Poor guy...no more kids at my mom's! We had gifts from Heidi, Scott & Brea that they sent to us all from Germany. They were so generous to all of us and especially spoiled Olivia. They got little O the most precious keepsake gift - a little silver bracelet from Belgium and an adorable outfit from my favorite clothing store H&M. Heidi went to Czech and got me the best black Coach purse and matching wallet and a really neat bag. I am so loving them...and a beautiful Boheim Crystal Vase that will look great with tulips in(which I will be buying this spring). They bought Wade & Ryan these funny t-shirts that say "Where the heck is AUSFART?" It's a joke since my mom & I went to Germany...Ausfart is EXIT in German.
Mom made us brunch and we had a mellow day. I was looking at the pictures and realized I need to teach my brother how to ZOOM IN...I don't need full body shots of myself, thank you! We'll work on that for next year.
Went to Sue's house for dinner and exchange gifts. Mike, Ragan & the boys were in California for Christmas so it was pretty quiet. We didn't stay longs since I decided to have a crappy headache (which I still have). Came home and finished the night ont he couch.
Hope you all had a wonderful day with friends & family.

Olivia in her Christmas Jammies

This is the Christmas outfit Dan & Dodie bought Olivia for Christmas...It was so cute on her!

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