Epson printer

So I've been thinking and thinking and thinking about one of the little personal printers

since...um...March 2005 when Lisa showed hers off to Debbie and I while we were scrapbooking. I couldn't justify getting one but I REALLY wanted one. I loved how you could print 4 wallet size photos of 4 different pictures (not 4 of the same photo). But I had a nice photo printer that attached to my desktop computer that I rarely used. I usually just send my photos to Costco and get them and then never scrapbook. I have really gotten into doing Projects instead of scrapbook pages since I went to CE 2006. When I bought my new camera I got a new Epson printer. I have always been an HP girl but I've read a lot about scrapbookers really liking Epson so I hooked mine up to just see how it worked. I told myself if it didn't print photos very well I would give it to my mom since she just usually prints documents and I would keep my HP printer. Well I fell in love with the Epson and gave the HP to my mom.

I made a mini book of Olivia for my BIL Scott but only had 4 x 6 photos that I had to try to crop and fit in this book - the whole time thinking "if I just had that little printer". I couldn't even go over to my desktop to print the pictures because all the photos since Olivia was born are on my laptop which isn't hooked up to a printer and it was too painful for me to hook up the big printer. So I started looking at the Epson Picturemate and decided I wanted one. I researched it a little and compared it the HP and went back and forth on which I should buy. I ended up at Best Buy and was able to test out both of them. I decided the Epson was much easier to use and bought that one. I am so loving it.

xoxo, T

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