After asking for this for 6 years I finally got a Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer for Christmas. I have asked for one of these since Wade and I started dating. I even registered for one when we got married so I could buy it at a discount if we received enough in Macy Gift cards (I was out voted and got a knife set instead). So this year Wade heard an ad on the radio for a rebate if you bought the kitchen aid. My husband researchers everything before he buys. He is not an impulse buyer like myself. He ended up picking out the professional model (maybe he's hoping I'll become a prof. chef or something - ha)because it had metal gears and would last longer (the one with plastic gears would last long too since I rarely cook!) plus after the rebate it only ended up being $50 more then the Artisan model. Ok fine if this is what he wanted to get me. But it didn't come in pink which is another reason I am sure he chose this model because then that color was not even an option. In fact it didn't have a lot of great colors. It did have red but I'm not a red person even though my kitchen is but it may not always be so I chose a more neutral color without picking black or white.
So the UPS driver brings it to my door before Christmas and I was so excited but I chose to not use before then. However we did open it to see if would fit on my counter under the cupboards (which I did tell Wade he should measure before buying) and NOPE it didn't fit. I have the model that doesn't tilt up...the bowl lifts up and down so it's a little taller. Oh well - guess I'll have to get a new house so the Kitchen Aid will fit!!!
I took it out today to use it and let's just say I AM IN LOVE! I made a batch of chocolate chip cookies and it was so dang easy...oh did I mention I have the pour shield. Yes that is wonderful too. If you have a KA and don't have the pour shield go buy one RIGHT now! Then I made Taco dip for our New Year's party and I had to whip the cream cheese & sour cream and it was so nice and easy. I can't believe it took me this long to get one. I am going to make more cookies tomorrow.
Oh and the cute apron I am wearing, well my mom made it for me for Christmas. I am so LOVING that too. I LOVE aprons right now. I called her up and asked for a scrapbooking apron...hope I get one for my birthday. They are so much fun. She made the cutest dang aprons for Heidi & Brea. I think I need a black & White one or a pink & green one for scrapbooking. Brea got a pink & green one and I'm hoping if she didn't like it she'll re-gift back to me for my b-day (hint hint...hahahaha). She is too sweet and would never do that. Plus I bet she liked it a lot.
Ok well off to a New Year's party!

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Debbie said...

Ok...Miss Betty Crocker!!! You are baking....Wade should love that!!! Cookies all the time!! There is a reason he bought you that you know? JK!! Cute apron, and I'm so glad you are enjoying your new KA!!