What's new?

What’s new? Well where should I start since I slack at blogging.
* 6 months pregnant
* Went to Germany and came back…had the best time.
* Miss Heidi, Scott & Brea & Chewey the dog!
* Brother in law leaves soon for war
* Laura (my boss) is leaving July 27 * I took the payroll mgr position at work
* Going to Vegas in 1-1/2 weeks for Wade’s b-day
* Feeling the baby move lots
* Grandma moved to assisted living

I can’t believe how time flies. Posted here is a picture of me pregnant at about 5+ months. And the cute jar below is one I made for Scott to fill with Hershey Kisses for Brea while he is deployed for 15 months. Under the lid is a special note he wrote to Brea. Every night before Brea goes to bed she gets a kiss from her dad. When Heidi asked me to do this and told me why I cried. It is the sweetest dang thing. My trip to Germany was so amazing. I am hoping and praying I will be able to go back next year. Heidi and her family were so sweet to let me invade on their everyday lives. Some days we kicked back and did nothing and other days we traveled. I must say the highlight of my trip was when we went to Heidelberg to see a castle and ended up meeting Toby Keith at the end of the castle tour. He took the time to thank Scott for his services in the military and took a photo with us.Upon returning from Germany I found out at work that Laura (my boss) gave notice and now we know her last day is July 27. I was asked to be the payroll manager and I accepted. I am very nervous. I will miss Laura a lot. She has been the best boss ever and I have huge shoes to fill. I am going to miss her so much. She’s a great friend & mentor.In a short time my brother in law Scott will be deployed to war. It is a scary time for my sister and her family. We all worry about her and Brea. We also worry about Scott and his job that he does. Please remember to pray for all of them including his fellow soldiers. Scott - we love you lots and pray for your safety. Thank you for being such a good husband & father. I enjoyed the time I was able to spend with you over there…you come home safe…

Leaving for Vegas on July 26th to celebrate Wade’s 40th b-day. I can’t wait. He’s never been and it’s been 10 years since I’ve been there. So many things to see & do. I am going to Caesar’s mall to find this ice cream shop called Sugar & Ice. A French pastry guy owns it and I am hoping the ice cream will be like what I had in Germany. If it is I guarantee I will be there everyday! I can’t

believe I only have 3 months of being pregnant left. I thought the summer would be a lot worse for me but it hasn’t. Luckily my sweet husband bought an A/C unit last summer so we have that in our room. I pretty much live in there in the evenings. The baby is moving a lot. Wade saw it move the other night and was pretty amazed by that. I’ve only gained 3 lbs…but remember I lost 7 in the beginning but I’m just up 3 from my weight at my first dr.’s appt. The doc said everything is looking good and the baby looks healthy. We have a new due date – October 20th. Like that really means anything. The only thing it means is it is in the middle of hunting season and Wade is not real happy about that. He’ll be ok though.A month after Vegas, Debbie and I are heading to Phoenix,

AZ for Creative Escape. I can’t wait. My best friend is going with me. I never dreamed it would happen. I’ll be 32 weeks pregnant. I’m sure I’ll just love the heat!!! Well, I’ll try to update more often…maybe after Vegas! This is going to be a crazy week or two at work but I’ll get thru it.

Choos, Trina