new happenings

So I went and got my haircut on Saturday... I went in and said I wanted the same style I had but with a little more definition. The back shorter than the front.

WOW! It is a lot shorter then I planned...but I love it. This picture below is not that great. The "long" sides actually swoop forward.

This is the front...and this is also Olivia and I at the pumpkin patch today. I can't believe how busy it was. We got off easy though since we didn't have to do all the "extra" stuff yet. I am sure next year Little Peanut will want to do all the fun stuff we skipped this year! We picked our 3 pumpkins and our corn stalk. Then we stopped at the store for the carving kit. Looks like we will be carving pumpkins on Saturday morning. What a busy day we will have.

And this picture here is Olivia in her new favorite hat. Every morning we put it on just before we head out the door and she smiles every time I put it on.
Tonight it was laying on her changing table and she grabbed it and wanted it on. So I put it on her and got the new smile she has...she smiles, shows her teeth and wrinkles her nose. It cracks me up. Olivia decided to wear it while having her bottle before bed. I am sure she would wear it to bed if I let her.

Love this little critter.

And this crazy picture is Livy in her Halloween costume. We had a costume birthday party on Saturday for our little friend Brady who turned one. She likes the outfit as long as I don't make her wear the hood part of it. And for those of you who are asking yourself - "what is she?" - She is a Candy Corn!

And on the 22nd this little Candy Corn of mine will be 1!
I can not believe it. This year has gone by so fast . . . for me any way.
And if you don't know these other 2 things you do now -
My sister Heidi is having TWIN BOYS (finally getting boys in our family)
and my brother in law Scott will be back in Germany very very soon.


Win a quilt

Check out this beautiful quilt on this blog Pigtails and Snails: Quilt Giveaway What a talented and generous gal.


My friend has been busy!

This little Olivia....well, just too cute for words!!!

Hi everyone...it's me Debbie. I told Trina that I was going to put a new post up on HER blog....let's see how long it takes her to notice. She works full-time....is a great Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Friend and does so much for others....and, she just doesn't have time to blog...so for those of you who think she has dropped off the face of the earth...I am here to tell you that she hasn't...she just works to darn much~ but that has been good since Boeing is still on strike...she's glad to have her job. How she balances all that she does...I'll never know!! I love you my friend!!! This was earlier this summer...but still sweet photo's....are Olivia's toenails painted yet?! Hmmm...,not a bad idea for her Aunt Debbie~wink

You've gotta love these ADORABLE little baby legs and piggie's...she is the sweetest baby!!!

Olivia is turning ONE this month!!! Of course she is going to have a polk-a-dot birthday party!! How cute is that?...I'm sure that's exactly what she would have picked if she could have...way to go Trina for reading your daughters little mind!!

Does she look beautiful in red or what?!


looks like fun

I was reading Stacy Julian's blog tonight and saw this website - wordle . I checked it out and it looks like fun. Thought it would be fun to make one for a scrapbook page. Then I got to thinking…where was this when I created some
Background paper for a layout I did a few years ago with random words that I did for my b-day.

Olivia update – She is 9 months now. I can’t believe how time flies.
• She is crawling, army style. She is preparing to have army crawling races with Uncle Scott when she gets to meet him.
• She is eating big people food. Still eating baby food but then has some bites off mine & Wade’s plate at dinner time.
• She plays the Kazoo better then me. I got one in the mail and we let her play with it and she figured out how to get it so make noise.
• She is pulling her self up to the furniture now.
• She is very good at wearing her parent’s out.

Over the past 3 weeks she has had a goopy eye. It started with pink eye we can not seem to get it under control. We have been to 3 different doctors and are now going to go to my mom’s eye specialist. Hopefully we can get some answers and get this crap gone. I want to take her in for her 9 month pictures but her eyes look so bad I keep hoping they’ll clear up. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I need to upload pics from my camera so I don’t have a current one to post tonight. But I will update this blog with one later.



Photo shoot

Today I took Olivia for her 6+ month photos. I went to the mall thinking I could just get in without an appt at JC Penny's...NOPE didn't happened. But I was determined I was getting photos today. So I went to Sears to see if they could get us in today and they could. The best part about Sears is you can buy a CD of the photos and they give you a release to be able to print the photos you bought on the CD...which is ALL of them. Even the ones they have enhanced.
I also bought some from Sears to be printed because the package for all this is about $10 more then just buying the CD.
Here are a few from the photo shoot we had today. Olivia is such a little dream baby. I could not ask for a better baby!!




Eight happy things...today

Today was just one of those days...nothing really happened but the sky was grey and I couldn't get warm...but some of these things just really made me happy TODAY while the others I have been thinking a lot about.

Wanted a salami & cheese sandwhich for lunch...no rolls. So I had to go to the store tonight and get the rolls so I could have one for dinner...Nice fattening sandwhich but it was so yummy!

Oh this new, beautiful Canon 50mm f1.4 lens arrived today (after waiting a week). I am so excited to use it. I tried using it a little tonight but it is so different from the other lenses I have used so it will take a little getting used to. Thank goodness I was able to get into Karen Russell's photography class starting in JUNE with my BFF! {wink}.

Went to Border's today to look for a journal and found these cute recipe cards. I really wanted to the matching recipe box but I passed since I have a really fun recipe book from HKS to make. Just add it to my list of unfinished/unstarted/need to start list! And while I was there I found this cute little notebook for my purse. If you don't have a notebook for your purse you need one. So go get one...right NOW...but it has to be a fun one!!!

But I really went to Borders to get a BIGGER journal then this one but didn't find one I liked.
However, my mom came home from California today. She was quite crafty while she was there. She gave me this adorable journal...that she made!!! And you should see the cute clipboard she decorated. Dang I haven't even done one of those yet.

And during my mom's visit to see her friend Cheryl she made these little clips for Olivia and bought her this fun bib...more pink! That makes me smile! The bib she will use for sure...just check out her picture below.

So while I was getting pictures of the eight happy things I saw this photo of my beautiful niece Natasha. She went to prom a few weeks ago and stopped by Debbie's for a quick photo op.
How great is this picture. I love it...oh and more pink! SMILE...

This week I talked to Brea and totally started missing her. I can't wait to see her again and have her meet Olivia...which then led to missing Heidi & Scott...which then led to me thinking about what a great mom she is - which will have to be another post for later! But then missing Brea led me to looking at photos from my visit from one year ago (which I need to scrap before I forget everything since I didn't write it down!). I came across this photo of us with Toby Keith which REALLY made me happy...you know his new CD came out this week - 35 greatest hits. I am getting it! Gotta have it. Has some of his old stuff on it that I don't have anymore because I owned it when it was on tape...remember tapes? Guess that should be another blog post!

So to end my knight you know I had to go to the store for bread...well when I walked in I saw these beautiful orangy/pink gerber daisies (loving orange & green these days) and said to my self "Self, since on one else is going to buy these for you, you should buy them for yourself!" So that is what I did. Happy Mother's day to me! And the bonus is they are my favorite flower and they made me think of HKS...SMILE!

And what is a blog post without a picture of Olivia. So here she is - 6 months old now and eating baby food. She loves sweet potatoes and fruit of course. She is doing so well at eating. I can't believe how fast she is growing. I love it though. I love each and every day I have with her and cherish each stage as she goes thru it.She got her first tooth last week and now the second one is getting ready to break thru the gums! She is so mellow and such a good little baby. She has spoiled us! We won't know what to do with a "typical" baby!

Ok so that is more then 8...get over it!
Have a good night...


NSD 2008

What is NSD? National Scrapbook Day! I haven't done anything for this fun day in a few years. I received an email from the BEST scrapbook store in Washington (my favorite one!) and they are going to be having a fun day...check it out here ----> this link!
Maybe I can talk someone into taking a little, much needed road trip north for the day!



I'm back...

Yes that is right... I am back scrapping. Tonight I sat down and did a layout. The first ever layout out of Olivia. She's 5 1/2 months now and I am sad to say I have not started her scrapbook. I have purchased it and now it will hold this very simple page. And yest this is a one page layout. That's all I'm doing! Keeping it Simple. I have to. I work way to many hours and need to spend all the other free time with my family. So when I have a spare minute or two I want to be able to scrap.
The other night I was reading the end of a book (the only time I read is in the bath!) and it was so sad how it ended it made me cry...from there it made me think of Lisa and then I realized that I have not scrapped an actual page of my own from scratch since Lisa passed away. I have done pre-made pages & projects and have enjoyed them very much...but this is the first layout - Completed!

Olivia is getting so big. We went to her 6 month check up last week. She's 18lbs, 26 1/6 inches long. Everyday she brings a smile to my face. I can't imagine life without this sweet little thing.
She's eating cereal 2x a day and she got it right away. She had been watching Wade & I eat and she knew what to do. She's also sitting in a high chair. She started this at Easter. And we are practicing sitting up - she's getting better every day.
I can't believe how much she is able to do in just a few short months.

Easter Morning -before we went to brunch with some co-workers.

We all went to Alaska for Easter.
I had to work but we found some time to play. Wade & I went up in a little plane for a sightseeing tour and saw some amazing glaciers.
**do not adjust your monitor** the glaciers are REALLY that blue - amazing if you ask me..I'm still trying to grasp the concept of these HUGE pieces of ice!

We drove around alot and just spent time together. It was so nice being away...life is a much slower pace up there. I need slower...I'm getting burnt out.

Well speaking of burnt out I need to get some rest so I can get back to work. I actually feel like I accomplished some stuff tonight....



What I've Been up to...

whoa...what have I been doing that I haven't blogged forEVER. I am currently taking an Organizing class on BPS and I these are 2 of the lessons.

1. Made an Inspiration Log (notebook) to keep all the ideas & inspirational things I come across (mostly filled with layouts from magazines)
2. Another assignment was to put LIKE things together - make a journal kit.
Thought I would try it and see how it would work for me. I put all my pens, tags (except metal rimmed tages), journaling spots & journaling tags & journaling stamps in smaller containers and put those into the canvas basket. I really like how all the "little" things are all together...maybe I'll use them now since I seem to always forget about the little tags.

Made this little sign... Ibought the board at Treasury & the vinyl quote - rubbed on the vinyl, added ribbon and wahlah...a cute sign!
Olivia found her pigs...so funny! Loves to pull her legs up when we change her diapers.
Livy now knows what her bottle is AND she knows what to do with it AND she can hold it herself. When we show her her bottle she gets all excited and starts shaking her arms. It is the cutest thing.
Thought it was time for something new - Wade hung up the jonny jump up over the weekend and Olivia played in it for a while. She seemed to like it but hasn't figured out she can 'jump' in it yet.
That about covers what I've been up to. Been busy at work. Going to Alaska on the 22nd so we'll be gone over Easter.

Have a good one...


black, birthday, bling, baby & bins

WOW! how did it get to be Feb 13th already. I am really bad at blogging but you all know that. I am trying to be better.
Had a quiet day for my birthday...just what I asked for. Saturday I went shopping with my mom for ME!!! I got to buy regular sized work clothes. I have not been shopping for over a year for myself and needed some new work clothes. I brought them home and showed Wade and he had to point out that they were all BLACK! Well of course they were I love black clothes. But I have colored tees to add to the outfits and I'm going to get some cute jewelry to wear with all of it too! Olivia went with us and was so good...she loves her stroller. Heck I would too! She has so much room in that thing and doesn't have to be strapped in.
Sunday Wade took me to dinner at the Olive Garden (my favorite) and we just hung out. He surprised me Saturday night after shopping with my b-day gift...every girls dream...BLING...beautiful diamond earrings from him & Olivia. They were for my b-day, V-day & for pushing out a 9-1/2 lb baby 3 months ago! I asked for diamonds in the hospital but since I wasn't going to be working for 3 months it was a choice between eating or diamonds...I'd much rather eat(hahaha!).
Olivia went to the dr. yesterday for her 4 month check up...how did she get to be 4 months. I hate how fast time goes when you are watching a baby grow up...but I like time to go fast for when it comes to seeing my sister (sure miss her). She weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz and is 25 in. long.
She had more shots and was fussy today but was snuggly. It was so nice to be home with her today. I cherish every moment I can with her. I am not real good about sharing her and I know that. I know it's because she's my first and hopefully not my last but I never know!!

So while being home today with Livy I did a little organizing...ok well not really organizing but labeling the drawers I organized months ago. I decided to organize my scrapbook "stuff" by color and was going to switch them out of these drawers into bins but realized I don't have enough stuff to fill the bins or enough room to store them all. So I decided to keep the drawers but wanted to label them so they looked cute and colorful...this is what I came up with. I love it! I just go in my scrapbook room and stare at them! I know it doesn't seem like I got much done but

this was a big accomplishment for me!
Deb - I used black letter stickers (3 different fonts), metal rimmed tags & used booger dots to get them to stick to the grey handle on the bins!

Ok well off to bed since I stayed up LATE last night and it's off to work for me this Thursday...sorry Deb we don't get to play, but Saturday...look out Bellingham!
Oh yea I got Olivia's pictures back from the little photography package she won for being the cutest baby...the pocket book is in trouble. The pics are so cute and then the photographer told me if I could do what ever I wanted. I could make a collage...change to b&w with some color...if I could think it the lab could probably produce it..GREAT! Plus she did a little video with music of the pics....

birthday book

Just wanted to share this little birthday book I made for heidi. her b-day is on the 17th. and the card I made her too. there is a little story about the card. heidi loves tulips and so do I! she bought me a beautiful crystal vase in germany and it is perfect for tulips. i was at the grocery store the other day and saw some pink tulips and wanted to them for heidi but they would be dead by the time they arrived to her. so i bought them any way because my vase needed to be put to use. i took a picture (well actually 10) and printed one and put it on card to send her...it's the next best thing!




I have decided I really don't like January. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. I probably wouldn't mind them so much if I could just do them and not read my notes. I took notes 6 months ago and didn't do them again until this month. So I'm working more then I wanted to this month. I'm still trying to find a balance with working and home life. You know I'm busy when I don't even get a chance to check my personal email! aaaghhh....

I need to work on having things more on a schedule - Olivia's baby sitter is sick so that puts a cramp in things. I need to figure this situation out this month.
Well here are a few new pics of Olivia...got some pressure tonight to post some {WINK}!

She is 3 months old now and loves sitting in her bumbo seat!!!

and she is so happy being naked...especially after her bath!



Supporting the Troops...

As you may know Scott, my brother in law is serving time in Iraq. So before Olivia was born we had an idea to find a camo t-shirt and have something printed on it to support him. I found this little romper outfit and had a little saying printed on the front and ARMY STRONG printed on the back. It reads - proud niece of Sgt. V. Scott seems to be pretty crazy about this little girl he hasn't met yet.

He sent her the sweetest card that I am saving for her to read when she is older. Also Heidi & Scott "argue" about who is going to hold her first when they finally get to meet her. Now I just can't wait for them to have kids!

Found this picture here on Danelle Johnson's blog (a blog I often read). Just reminded me of Scott and how proud I am for what he is doing. It is not easy and there are no luxury’s in his life over there as he defends our freedom. And how proud I am of my sister for staying in Germany and being so supportive to her husband. She is truly amazing! I can’t imagine how she does it everyday but I pray for her daily and can’t tell her enough how PROUD I am to have as MY sister! In fact tonight I was helping Debbie purge her old magazines and I found a section in one of them about ARMY Wifes. I ripped it out so I could be inspired to do a layout or mini book or something for her.



another 1st...

I can't believe it. Tonight Olivia rolled over from her tummy to her back. Her & I were having floor time and I put her on her tummy and she rolled so back on her tummy she went & she rolled again. She did it about 4 times and then I got her on video! I just love that I was able to be home (again) to see her do it for the first time. And yes those are little weiner dogs on her romper (my favorite outfit!)

Today was so beautiful we went for a walk. Livy fell asleep about 5 minutes into it. I really love the stroller I got in Germany. So worth the hours we spent looking & deciding then buying and bringing it all the way home on the plane.

Olivia spent Saturday with her dad while I worked. They watched the Seahawks game together (2nd weekend in a row!) but they lost. She helped cheer them on in her little sweatsuit. I am so happy we had a girl...she can wear pink with me and her favorite team outfit with dad - and camo!

Off to bed so I can go to work tomorrow. So much to do and never enough hours. But I feel pretty good tonight because I was able to get some grocery shopping done, dinner prepared and ready for the oven for tomorrow's dinner and I made Top Ramen Chicken Salad for lunch this week. Plus I have been able to keep my bathroom clean by a little routine I started last week and my kitchen sink SHINES. I started this about a month into maternity leave and I do it every night.

Good night!