I have decided I really don't like January. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. I probably wouldn't mind them so much if I could just do them and not read my notes. I took notes 6 months ago and didn't do them again until this month. So I'm working more then I wanted to this month. I'm still trying to find a balance with working and home life. You know I'm busy when I don't even get a chance to check my personal email! aaaghhh....

I need to work on having things more on a schedule - Olivia's baby sitter is sick so that puts a cramp in things. I need to figure this situation out this month.
Well here are a few new pics of Olivia...got some pressure tonight to post some {WINK}!

She is 3 months old now and loves sitting in her bumbo seat!!!

and she is so happy being naked...especially after her bath!



Supporting the Troops...

As you may know Scott, my brother in law is serving time in Iraq. So before Olivia was born we had an idea to find a camo t-shirt and have something printed on it to support him. I found this little romper outfit and had a little saying printed on the front and ARMY STRONG printed on the back. It reads - proud niece of Sgt. V. Scott seems to be pretty crazy about this little girl he hasn't met yet.

He sent her the sweetest card that I am saving for her to read when she is older. Also Heidi & Scott "argue" about who is going to hold her first when they finally get to meet her. Now I just can't wait for them to have kids!

Found this picture here on Danelle Johnson's blog (a blog I often read). Just reminded me of Scott and how proud I am for what he is doing. It is not easy and there are no luxury’s in his life over there as he defends our freedom. And how proud I am of my sister for staying in Germany and being so supportive to her husband. She is truly amazing! I can’t imagine how she does it everyday but I pray for her daily and can’t tell her enough how PROUD I am to have as MY sister! In fact tonight I was helping Debbie purge her old magazines and I found a section in one of them about ARMY Wifes. I ripped it out so I could be inspired to do a layout or mini book or something for her.



another 1st...

I can't believe it. Tonight Olivia rolled over from her tummy to her back. Her & I were having floor time and I put her on her tummy and she rolled so back on her tummy she went & she rolled again. She did it about 4 times and then I got her on video! I just love that I was able to be home (again) to see her do it for the first time. And yes those are little weiner dogs on her romper (my favorite outfit!)

Today was so beautiful we went for a walk. Livy fell asleep about 5 minutes into it. I really love the stroller I got in Germany. So worth the hours we spent looking & deciding then buying and bringing it all the way home on the plane.

Olivia spent Saturday with her dad while I worked. They watched the Seahawks game together (2nd weekend in a row!) but they lost. She helped cheer them on in her little sweatsuit. I am so happy we had a girl...she can wear pink with me and her favorite team outfit with dad - and camo!

Off to bed so I can go to work tomorrow. So much to do and never enough hours. But I feel pretty good tonight because I was able to get some grocery shopping done, dinner prepared and ready for the oven for tomorrow's dinner and I made Top Ramen Chicken Salad for lunch this week. Plus I have been able to keep my bathroom clean by a little routine I started last week and my kitchen sink SHINES. I started this about a month into maternity leave and I do it every night.

Good night!



I can't believe Olivia saved this FIRST for me and I didn't miss it since I'm back working. But I decided that nothing will be a first with her until I have seen it...hahaha...

Tonight Olivia LAUGHED and it was so cute. I couldn't believe how sweet her laugh was. She just melts my heart. I kept trying to make her laugh and she did a few more times. Then it was bath time which she loves as long as the sling is in her tub. She likes to be comfy - who can blame a girl. I think I am going to be in trouble as she gets older and figures out how to "work" me. I can't resist her cuteness!
Today Livy and I spent the day together just hanging out. She was really good. Yesterday at Lindsey (the sitter) she was fussy. I just like to think she missed me! I often wonder what they think or how their little brains work. I think she is getting used to her little routine of going to bed around 10 or 10:30. She had her bottle and went down hard tonight. She's been sleeping for almost 2 hours and that is what I should be doing now. But i'm off tomorrow so I'm not too worried about it.

This is will make you laugh - Bella (my little weiner dog) was acting a little strange tonight, laying in front of the book shelf and then going behind the end table. I never am quite sure what she's up to at times. I walked out of the kitchen to find Bella on the couch licking a mouse (so I thought) and I freaked out. Called Wade at work (like what can he do!) and he told me to get a towel and go pick it up. I said NO WAY! I'll leave it there. I was almost shaking. I hate having to deal with rodents and insects. So Wade told me to get something to trap it in so I found a jar and was going to scoop it up in the jar and save it for Wade. The thought of calling my brother to come over crossed my mind as well. I debated on calling or just doing it myself. I quickly decided I would get the stupid thing myself. I called Bella off the couch to get her away from it, but the whole time I am thinking she is going to bring that stupid thing with her. She obediently comes to me in the kitchen so I walk over to the couch with my jar to find....NOTHING! What? Where is the "mouse"? After I got the nerve to do it it was gone. I looked around to make sure it wasn't on the floor...Nope! Nothing. Ok I am so losing it! I finally realized she was licking her PAW and the way it was laying and since she has grey fur in areas it appeared to be a mouse. I was so relieved. So now you can stop laughing...or keep laughing because if you laugh 10 minutes a day it takes years off your life.

Have a good night!


back to work...

First day back to work and I survived (barely)!! I did't sleep much. Woke up at 3am & then at 4am so I just got up. Olivia slept from 10:30pm to 5:30am when I went to get her up to feed her. She was so sweet to wake up. She never cries. Just arches her back and squishes her face. I can't get enough of it. I rocked her for a little while and got teary eyed about leaving her but I knew she would be fine - she stayed with Wade today. I was dressed and ready to leave when Wade got home so I got to work by 7:30...that is amazing for me you know. I run late normally but I have been pretty good since I've had Olivia (running on time and becoming a morning person - scary!) Leaving wasn't too bad since I left Livy home with Wade. Now if I had to take her to the sitter's I would have been a mess.
I didn't do much today. So many people were so happy to see me return. I spent the day trying to figure out how to work and where to start. WOW! So much to do. Thank goodness I have a wonderful boss who said I could come back 4 days a week instead of 6 (mandatory Saturday's in Jan to close the year). I called home to check on Olivia and all was good. Wade was a trooper considering by the time I got home he had been up for over 24 hours. I would have crashed.
It's back to work tomorrow then off for a day.
Take care,


happy new year

Welcome 2008! 2007 was a year to remember for me, I sure hope 2008 will bring lots of wonderful memories. We rang in the New Year at Corey & Jennie's last night. Olivia slept most of the evening and then at 11:55 she woke up to ring in 2008 with the rest of us. I thought for sure she'd be up all night (and Wade offered to stay up with her) but we laid her down in her bed at 1:15 and she fell asleep. This is the second night she's done this! Ok back to New years - Curt & Marnie, Dan & Dodie and Tandy all were there too. Tandy bailed early on us but the rest of us stayed. There were LOTS of kids and they were having a great time. The Schmidt's have a great house for parties. It's very open and they have a huge yard & sports court fot the kids. That is where the kids were most of the night. Everyone loved my cookies...Jennie wanted to keep the plate I brought them on so I'm going to make more and take them to her today. It's a plastic plate she brought to me with Christmas cookies on it and Wade said she was trying to keep it but I managed to grab it before we left because I am loving this stupid plate. But she is always so sweet to have parties at her house that I thought I would do a little something for her.
Here is Jorga (Jennie's daughter, Olivia's BFF!)

Corey & Jennie

Curt & Marnie

Dan & Dodie

All the kids (less Olivia & Jorga!)

McBride Family

Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for all of you!