Supporting the Troops...

As you may know Scott, my brother in law is serving time in Iraq. So before Olivia was born we had an idea to find a camo t-shirt and have something printed on it to support him. I found this little romper outfit and had a little saying printed on the front and ARMY STRONG printed on the back. It reads - proud niece of Sgt. V. Scott seems to be pretty crazy about this little girl he hasn't met yet.

He sent her the sweetest card that I am saving for her to read when she is older. Also Heidi & Scott "argue" about who is going to hold her first when they finally get to meet her. Now I just can't wait for them to have kids!

Found this picture here on Danelle Johnson's blog (a blog I often read). Just reminded me of Scott and how proud I am for what he is doing. It is not easy and there are no luxury’s in his life over there as he defends our freedom. And how proud I am of my sister for staying in Germany and being so supportive to her husband. She is truly amazing! I can’t imagine how she does it everyday but I pray for her daily and can’t tell her enough how PROUD I am to have as MY sister! In fact tonight I was helping Debbie purge her old magazines and I found a section in one of them about ARMY Wifes. I ripped it out so I could be inspired to do a layout or mini book or something for her.


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Debbie said...

Ok...so purging is even better with a friend huh? Thanks for your inspiration!! It's looking better and better down here all the time! Livy is SO stinkin' cute in that picture...WE loved the outfit!!! Even CUTER in person!! Sweet little thing!!

PS...remind me I have a cool picture of all the flags thru the fence at the Pearl Harbor memorial that I took while in Hawaii...you MAY be interested!!!