I have decided I really don't like January. Taxes, taxes and more taxes. I probably wouldn't mind them so much if I could just do them and not read my notes. I took notes 6 months ago and didn't do them again until this month. So I'm working more then I wanted to this month. I'm still trying to find a balance with working and home life. You know I'm busy when I don't even get a chance to check my personal email! aaaghhh....

I need to work on having things more on a schedule - Olivia's baby sitter is sick so that puts a cramp in things. I need to figure this situation out this month.
Well here are a few new pics of Olivia...got some pressure tonight to post some {WINK}!

She is 3 months old now and loves sitting in her bumbo seat!!!

and she is so happy being naked...especially after her bath!


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Debbie said...

YES....I was the PRESSURE...{wink} that required new pictures of little Olivia...thank -you Treen...you are amazing...truly MY hero....new baby....Manager at work...pumping milk for your little one...commute...you do IT ALL!! Thanks for being so inspiring to me!!
Love ya!!