happy new year

Welcome 2008! 2007 was a year to remember for me, I sure hope 2008 will bring lots of wonderful memories. We rang in the New Year at Corey & Jennie's last night. Olivia slept most of the evening and then at 11:55 she woke up to ring in 2008 with the rest of us. I thought for sure she'd be up all night (and Wade offered to stay up with her) but we laid her down in her bed at 1:15 and she fell asleep. This is the second night she's done this! Ok back to New years - Curt & Marnie, Dan & Dodie and Tandy all were there too. Tandy bailed early on us but the rest of us stayed. There were LOTS of kids and they were having a great time. The Schmidt's have a great house for parties. It's very open and they have a huge yard & sports court fot the kids. That is where the kids were most of the night. Everyone loved my cookies...Jennie wanted to keep the plate I brought them on so I'm going to make more and take them to her today. It's a plastic plate she brought to me with Christmas cookies on it and Wade said she was trying to keep it but I managed to grab it before we left because I am loving this stupid plate. But she is always so sweet to have parties at her house that I thought I would do a little something for her.
Here is Jorga (Jennie's daughter, Olivia's BFF!)

Corey & Jennie

Curt & Marnie

Dan & Dodie

All the kids (less Olivia & Jorga!)

McBride Family

Hope 2008 is a wonderful year for all of you!


Debbie said...

I love your hair Treen....nice job...and you guys look great in this picture!! Happy New Year to you too my friend!! It's going to be a great one!! Lots of scrappin for me!!

sstamp said...

Hi Trina! So happy you are posting again. I was beginning to wander if everything went ok with the pregnacy.... I have sent you a few emails... have you been getting them? Glad to see you back posting so I can keep up with you... you look very happy with the new baby and your Christmas looked very special. Glad you posted some pictures. I got a kick out of seeing the pictures from New Year's.... I knew Corey.... when you said the Schmidts, I was thinking the only one I know of is Corey and then looked down and sure enough, that was him in the picture. He looks the same. Not sure he would remember me though....been a long time, but we did have a class or two together in school. He used to always crack me up. I got the Epson picturemate as well and just love it! We think alike! Are you going to watch Kasey kick some butt in the Chilibowl? I am getting excited to watch it. Well, gotta run. Email me soon and let's plan a get together so I can meet Olivia!