I can't believe Olivia saved this FIRST for me and I didn't miss it since I'm back working. But I decided that nothing will be a first with her until I have seen it...hahaha...

Tonight Olivia LAUGHED and it was so cute. I couldn't believe how sweet her laugh was. She just melts my heart. I kept trying to make her laugh and she did a few more times. Then it was bath time which she loves as long as the sling is in her tub. She likes to be comfy - who can blame a girl. I think I am going to be in trouble as she gets older and figures out how to "work" me. I can't resist her cuteness!
Today Livy and I spent the day together just hanging out. She was really good. Yesterday at Lindsey (the sitter) she was fussy. I just like to think she missed me! I often wonder what they think or how their little brains work. I think she is getting used to her little routine of going to bed around 10 or 10:30. She had her bottle and went down hard tonight. She's been sleeping for almost 2 hours and that is what I should be doing now. But i'm off tomorrow so I'm not too worried about it.

This is will make you laugh - Bella (my little weiner dog) was acting a little strange tonight, laying in front of the book shelf and then going behind the end table. I never am quite sure what she's up to at times. I walked out of the kitchen to find Bella on the couch licking a mouse (so I thought) and I freaked out. Called Wade at work (like what can he do!) and he told me to get a towel and go pick it up. I said NO WAY! I'll leave it there. I was almost shaking. I hate having to deal with rodents and insects. So Wade told me to get something to trap it in so I found a jar and was going to scoop it up in the jar and save it for Wade. The thought of calling my brother to come over crossed my mind as well. I debated on calling or just doing it myself. I quickly decided I would get the stupid thing myself. I called Bella off the couch to get her away from it, but the whole time I am thinking she is going to bring that stupid thing with her. She obediently comes to me in the kitchen so I walk over to the couch with my jar to find....NOTHING! What? Where is the "mouse"? After I got the nerve to do it it was gone. I looked around to make sure it wasn't on the floor...Nope! Nothing. Ok I am so losing it! I finally realized she was licking her PAW and the way it was laying and since she has grey fur in areas it appeared to be a mouse. I was so relieved. So now you can stop laughing...or keep laughing because if you laugh 10 minutes a day it takes years off your life.

Have a good night!

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Debbie said...

hmmmm...cute photo of you and sweet Olivia...wonder WHO took that adorable photo!! lol
So I died laughing at your story!! Never a dull moment with those 3 around is there?! Nice one Treen!!