birthday book

Just wanted to share this little birthday book I made for heidi. her b-day is on the 17th. and the card I made her too. there is a little story about the card. heidi loves tulips and so do I! she bought me a beautiful crystal vase in germany and it is perfect for tulips. i was at the grocery store the other day and saw some pink tulips and wanted to them for heidi but they would be dead by the time they arrived to her. so i bought them any way because my vase needed to be put to use. i took a picture (well actually 10) and printed one and put it on card to send her...it's the next best thing!


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Debbie said...

holy cow friend...way to get that book done....I love it when you are motivated...cuz it motivates me!!!! Love the card too!! She will love that...so thoughtful of you to think of her all the way in Germany enjoying her tulips!!!