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WOW! how did it get to be Feb 13th already. I am really bad at blogging but you all know that. I am trying to be better.
Had a quiet day for my birthday...just what I asked for. Saturday I went shopping with my mom for ME!!! I got to buy regular sized work clothes. I have not been shopping for over a year for myself and needed some new work clothes. I brought them home and showed Wade and he had to point out that they were all BLACK! Well of course they were I love black clothes. But I have colored tees to add to the outfits and I'm going to get some cute jewelry to wear with all of it too! Olivia went with us and was so good...she loves her stroller. Heck I would too! She has so much room in that thing and doesn't have to be strapped in.
Sunday Wade took me to dinner at the Olive Garden (my favorite) and we just hung out. He surprised me Saturday night after shopping with my b-day gift...every girls dream...BLING...beautiful diamond earrings from him & Olivia. They were for my b-day, V-day & for pushing out a 9-1/2 lb baby 3 months ago! I asked for diamonds in the hospital but since I wasn't going to be working for 3 months it was a choice between eating or diamonds...I'd much rather eat(hahaha!).
Olivia went to the dr. yesterday for her 4 month check up...how did she get to be 4 months. I hate how fast time goes when you are watching a baby grow up...but I like time to go fast for when it comes to seeing my sister (sure miss her). She weighs 14 lbs. 10 oz and is 25 in. long.
She had more shots and was fussy today but was snuggly. It was so nice to be home with her today. I cherish every moment I can with her. I am not real good about sharing her and I know that. I know it's because she's my first and hopefully not my last but I never know!!

So while being home today with Livy I did a little organizing...ok well not really organizing but labeling the drawers I organized months ago. I decided to organize my scrapbook "stuff" by color and was going to switch them out of these drawers into bins but realized I don't have enough stuff to fill the bins or enough room to store them all. So I decided to keep the drawers but wanted to label them so they looked cute and colorful...this is what I came up with. I love it! I just go in my scrapbook room and stare at them! I know it doesn't seem like I got much done but

this was a big accomplishment for me!
Deb - I used black letter stickers (3 different fonts), metal rimmed tags & used booger dots to get them to stick to the grey handle on the bins!

Ok well off to bed since I stayed up LATE last night and it's off to work for me this Thursday...sorry Deb we don't get to play, but Saturday...look out Bellingham!
Oh yea I got Olivia's pictures back from the little photography package she won for being the cutest baby...the pocket book is in trouble. The pics are so cute and then the photographer told me if I could do what ever I wanted. I could make a collage...change to b&w with some color...if I could think it the lab could probably produce it..GREAT! Plus she did a little video with music of the pics....

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Debbie said...

You look wonderful in black!! We both love that color dang it!! Your earings are so pretty...and what a cute picture!! You and Livy...so sweet!! 4 months old...she has to stop growing up right now!!! Aunt Debbie will be ther in 2 days to love on her!! And HOW clever all the "B's"... ya I noticed....and I am so doing that to my color drawers...thanks for all the tips!! Keep up all the great work!! My inspiring friend!!