What I've Been up to...

whoa...what have I been doing that I haven't blogged forEVER. I am currently taking an Organizing class on BPS and I these are 2 of the lessons.

1. Made an Inspiration Log (notebook) to keep all the ideas & inspirational things I come across (mostly filled with layouts from magazines)
2. Another assignment was to put LIKE things together - make a journal kit.
Thought I would try it and see how it would work for me. I put all my pens, tags (except metal rimmed tages), journaling spots & journaling tags & journaling stamps in smaller containers and put those into the canvas basket. I really like how all the "little" things are all together...maybe I'll use them now since I seem to always forget about the little tags.

Made this little sign... Ibought the board at Treasury & the vinyl quote - rubbed on the vinyl, added ribbon and wahlah...a cute sign!
Olivia found her pigs...so funny! Loves to pull her legs up when we change her diapers.
Livy now knows what her bottle is AND she knows what to do with it AND she can hold it herself. When we show her her bottle she gets all excited and starts shaking her arms. It is the cutest thing.
Thought it was time for something new - Wade hung up the jonny jump up over the weekend and Olivia played in it for a while. She seemed to like it but hasn't figured out she can 'jump' in it yet.
That about covers what I've been up to. Been busy at work. Going to Alaska on the 22nd so we'll be gone over Easter.

Have a good one...

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Dan & Sharon's Family said...

your little Olivia is so sweet! I miss you! I'm glad you are finding Trina time.