I'm back...

Yes that is right... I am back scrapping. Tonight I sat down and did a layout. The first ever layout out of Olivia. She's 5 1/2 months now and I am sad to say I have not started her scrapbook. I have purchased it and now it will hold this very simple page. And yest this is a one page layout. That's all I'm doing! Keeping it Simple. I have to. I work way to many hours and need to spend all the other free time with my family. So when I have a spare minute or two I want to be able to scrap.
The other night I was reading the end of a book (the only time I read is in the bath!) and it was so sad how it ended it made me cry...from there it made me think of Lisa and then I realized that I have not scrapped an actual page of my own from scratch since Lisa passed away. I have done pre-made pages & projects and have enjoyed them very much...but this is the first layout - Completed!

Olivia is getting so big. We went to her 6 month check up last week. She's 18lbs, 26 1/6 inches long. Everyday she brings a smile to my face. I can't imagine life without this sweet little thing.
She's eating cereal 2x a day and she got it right away. She had been watching Wade & I eat and she knew what to do. She's also sitting in a high chair. She started this at Easter. And we are practicing sitting up - she's getting better every day.
I can't believe how much she is able to do in just a few short months.

Easter Morning -before we went to brunch with some co-workers.

We all went to Alaska for Easter.
I had to work but we found some time to play. Wade & I went up in a little plane for a sightseeing tour and saw some amazing glaciers.
**do not adjust your monitor** the glaciers are REALLY that blue - amazing if you ask me..I'm still trying to grasp the concept of these HUGE pieces of ice!

We drove around alot and just spent time together. It was so nice being away...life is a much slower pace up there. I need slower...I'm getting burnt out.

Well speaking of burnt out I need to get some rest so I can get back to work. I actually feel like I accomplished some stuff tonight....


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Debbie said...

Yay...I get to be the first to comment on your progress!!!! Way to go friend ~ scrapped a page...that is HUGE...I know!! So adorable..the page and sweet Livy!! I miss you both!!! Can't wait to create together soon!!!
Love ya!