Photo shoot

Today I took Olivia for her 6+ month photos. I went to the mall thinking I could just get in without an appt at JC Penny's...NOPE didn't happened. But I was determined I was getting photos today. So I went to Sears to see if they could get us in today and they could. The best part about Sears is you can buy a CD of the photos and they give you a release to be able to print the photos you bought on the CD...which is ALL of them. Even the ones they have enhanced.
I also bought some from Sears to be printed because the package for all this is about $10 more then just buying the CD.
Here are a few from the photo shoot we had today. Olivia is such a little dream baby. I could not ask for a better baby!!




Eight happy things...today

Today was just one of those days...nothing really happened but the sky was grey and I couldn't get warm...but some of these things just really made me happy TODAY while the others I have been thinking a lot about.

Wanted a salami & cheese sandwhich for lunch...no rolls. So I had to go to the store tonight and get the rolls so I could have one for dinner...Nice fattening sandwhich but it was so yummy!

Oh this new, beautiful Canon 50mm f1.4 lens arrived today (after waiting a week). I am so excited to use it. I tried using it a little tonight but it is so different from the other lenses I have used so it will take a little getting used to. Thank goodness I was able to get into Karen Russell's photography class starting in JUNE with my BFF! {wink}.

Went to Border's today to look for a journal and found these cute recipe cards. I really wanted to the matching recipe box but I passed since I have a really fun recipe book from HKS to make. Just add it to my list of unfinished/unstarted/need to start list! And while I was there I found this cute little notebook for my purse. If you don't have a notebook for your purse you need one. So go get one...right NOW...but it has to be a fun one!!!

But I really went to Borders to get a BIGGER journal then this one but didn't find one I liked.
However, my mom came home from California today. She was quite crafty while she was there. She gave me this adorable journal...that she made!!! And you should see the cute clipboard she decorated. Dang I haven't even done one of those yet.

And during my mom's visit to see her friend Cheryl she made these little clips for Olivia and bought her this fun bib...more pink! That makes me smile! The bib she will use for sure...just check out her picture below.

So while I was getting pictures of the eight happy things I saw this photo of my beautiful niece Natasha. She went to prom a few weeks ago and stopped by Debbie's for a quick photo op.
How great is this picture. I love it...oh and more pink! SMILE...

This week I talked to Brea and totally started missing her. I can't wait to see her again and have her meet Olivia...which then led to missing Heidi & Scott...which then led to me thinking about what a great mom she is - which will have to be another post for later! But then missing Brea led me to looking at photos from my visit from one year ago (which I need to scrap before I forget everything since I didn't write it down!). I came across this photo of us with Toby Keith which REALLY made me happy...you know his new CD came out this week - 35 greatest hits. I am getting it! Gotta have it. Has some of his old stuff on it that I don't have anymore because I owned it when it was on tape...remember tapes? Guess that should be another blog post!

So to end my knight you know I had to go to the store for bread...well when I walked in I saw these beautiful orangy/pink gerber daisies (loving orange & green these days) and said to my self "Self, since on one else is going to buy these for you, you should buy them for yourself!" So that is what I did. Happy Mother's day to me! And the bonus is they are my favorite flower and they made me think of HKS...SMILE!

And what is a blog post without a picture of Olivia. So here she is - 6 months old now and eating baby food. She loves sweet potatoes and fruit of course. She is doing so well at eating. I can't believe how fast she is growing. I love it though. I love each and every day I have with her and cherish each stage as she goes thru it.She got her first tooth last week and now the second one is getting ready to break thru the gums! She is so mellow and such a good little baby. She has spoiled us! We won't know what to do with a "typical" baby!

Ok so that is more then 8...get over it!
Have a good night...