looks like fun

I was reading Stacy Julian's blog tonight and saw this website - wordle . I checked it out and it looks like fun. Thought it would be fun to make one for a scrapbook page. Then I got to thinking…where was this when I created some
Background paper for a layout I did a few years ago with random words that I did for my b-day.

Olivia update – She is 9 months now. I can’t believe how time flies.
• She is crawling, army style. She is preparing to have army crawling races with Uncle Scott when she gets to meet him.
• She is eating big people food. Still eating baby food but then has some bites off mine & Wade’s plate at dinner time.
• She plays the Kazoo better then me. I got one in the mail and we let her play with it and she figured out how to get it so make noise.
• She is pulling her self up to the furniture now.
• She is very good at wearing her parent’s out.

Over the past 3 weeks she has had a goopy eye. It started with pink eye we can not seem to get it under control. We have been to 3 different doctors and are now going to go to my mom’s eye specialist. Hopefully we can get some answers and get this crap gone. I want to take her in for her 9 month pictures but her eyes look so bad I keep hoping they’ll clear up. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.

I need to upload pics from my camera so I don’t have a current one to post tonight. But I will update this blog with one later.


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