new happenings

So I went and got my haircut on Saturday... I went in and said I wanted the same style I had but with a little more definition. The back shorter than the front.

WOW! It is a lot shorter then I planned...but I love it. This picture below is not that great. The "long" sides actually swoop forward.

This is the front...and this is also Olivia and I at the pumpkin patch today. I can't believe how busy it was. We got off easy though since we didn't have to do all the "extra" stuff yet. I am sure next year Little Peanut will want to do all the fun stuff we skipped this year! We picked our 3 pumpkins and our corn stalk. Then we stopped at the store for the carving kit. Looks like we will be carving pumpkins on Saturday morning. What a busy day we will have.

And this picture here is Olivia in her new favorite hat. Every morning we put it on just before we head out the door and she smiles every time I put it on.
Tonight it was laying on her changing table and she grabbed it and wanted it on. So I put it on her and got the new smile she has...she smiles, shows her teeth and wrinkles her nose. It cracks me up. Olivia decided to wear it while having her bottle before bed. I am sure she would wear it to bed if I let her.

Love this little critter.

And this crazy picture is Livy in her Halloween costume. We had a costume birthday party on Saturday for our little friend Brady who turned one. She likes the outfit as long as I don't make her wear the hood part of it. And for those of you who are asking yourself - "what is she?" - She is a Candy Corn!

And on the 22nd this little Candy Corn of mine will be 1!
I can not believe it. This year has gone by so fast . . . for me any way.
And if you don't know these other 2 things you do now -
My sister Heidi is having TWIN BOYS (finally getting boys in our family)
and my brother in law Scott will be back in Germany very very soon.


Win a quilt

Check out this beautiful quilt on this blog Pigtails and Snails: Quilt Giveaway What a talented and generous gal.


My friend has been busy!

This little Olivia....well, just too cute for words!!!

Hi everyone...it's me Debbie. I told Trina that I was going to put a new post up on HER blog....let's see how long it takes her to notice. She works full-time....is a great Mother, Daughter, Aunt, Friend and does so much for others....and, she just doesn't have time to blog...so for those of you who think she has dropped off the face of the earth...I am here to tell you that she hasn't...she just works to darn much~ but that has been good since Boeing is still on strike...she's glad to have her job. How she balances all that she does...I'll never know!! I love you my friend!!! This was earlier this summer...but still sweet photo's....are Olivia's toenails painted yet?! Hmmm...,not a bad idea for her Aunt Debbie~wink

You've gotta love these ADORABLE little baby legs and piggie's...she is the sweetest baby!!!

Olivia is turning ONE this month!!! Of course she is going to have a polk-a-dot birthday party!! How cute is that?...I'm sure that's exactly what she would have picked if she could have...way to go Trina for reading your daughters little mind!!

Does she look beautiful in red or what?!