The birthday girl!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!! I couldn't stand it any longer, so I thought I'd update Trina's blog as a pre-birthday present!!
So today...(Trina's birthday and all)...she got the best news EVER...the ultrasound says....Olivia will be getting a little brother!! June 24th....I think that's right :)
"Kole Reese McBride" How cute is that name!!
I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I know Trina and Wade are too!! Olivia has NO idea what she is in store for...or shall I say...Kole has NO idea!!

Look at this cute face!!

So we got to play with Livy one day, and we needed to return a book to the public library. So after we had a smoothie at Fortza..we walked over to the library downtown Puyallup. SO many things to do...Olivia had a ball...course I got strange looks taking pictures in a library...but didn't care....

Serious....getting ready for a story!!

Peek-a boo at the library!

Thanks Treen for letting us have a play day with little Livy!! We need to do it again!!
We love you!!
Debbie and Family!