The birthday girl!!

First of all...Happy Birthday to my sweet friend!! I couldn't stand it any longer, so I thought I'd update Trina's blog as a pre-birthday present!!
So today...(Trina's birthday and all)...she got the best news EVER...the ultrasound says....Olivia will be getting a little brother!! June 24th....I think that's right :)
"Kole Reese McBride" How cute is that name!!
I'm SOOOOO excited!!! I know Trina and Wade are too!! Olivia has NO idea what she is in store for...or shall I say...Kole has NO idea!!

Look at this cute face!!

So we got to play with Livy one day, and we needed to return a book to the public library. So after we had a smoothie at Fortza..we walked over to the library downtown Puyallup. SO many things to do...Olivia had a ball...course I got strange looks taking pictures in a library...but didn't care....

Serious....getting ready for a story!!

Peek-a boo at the library!

Thanks Treen for letting us have a play day with little Livy!! We need to do it again!!
We love you!!
Debbie and Family!


Kaylee said...

Congrats Treen!! That is so exciting!! And little Livy here is just sooo stinkin cute!!

Shaylin said...

You have the cutest little girl, Trina!! I miss you!! LOVE YOU!!

House Family said...

How sad that nobody has commented on this cute blog!! I think Olivia looks even different now...maybe you should post just 1 picture? Just an idea!!
Miss you friend!!

Shaylin said...

What a cute little Olivia!! YOU NEED TO POST A NEW BLOG!!! It's been 2 months, Treen! Come on!! See you next weekend!!!! (: