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I am not even going to look to see when the last time I blogged was. Well I guess I better so I know where to start my update. Aagghhh....It was before Olivia's 1st birthday.Well this could be a long one....and thanks to Deb for posting one on by b-day.

October 22, 2008 Olivia turned 1! A few days before her b-day we found out we were expecting McBride baby #2 but kept it a secret for a little while.

Not much happened in November or December 2008 except the holiday’s. Oh wait how soon I had forgotten. In August we put our house on the market and the market went bad so in December we decided to take it off the market. I had just sent the email to the real estate agent and I received a phone call from another agent who had clients that wanted to look at our house. So I sent another email to my agent to leave it on the market for a few days so the looky lou’s could check out our house. This was it, I didn’t want to keep my house clean over the holiday’s. (cleaner then normal that is!). One week later as we were visiting Santa we received a phone call that an offer would be coming in on our house in a few hours. Oh how lucky we were to possibly be moving over the holiday’s!!
Offer came in, my agent left for Hawaii, we made an offer on the original house we wanted everything came together. The family that bought our house wanted to move in ASAP, the seller’s to the house we were buying wanted to close by 12/31 and Wade and I really didn’t care! So we moved in on 12/31, rented for a few days until the deal closed and we were owner’s of a 2,300 sq. foot, 2-story home. Wade and I had only lived in ramblers so getting used to stairs would be interesting. I now have 3 toilets to clean instead of 1 (why did I want more bathrooms I keep asking myself – oh yea I remember now!), I have 2 empty rooms that need to be furnished and a HUGE master bedroom/bath which I would not trade for anything. It’s taken a while for it to be home but it’s all coming together.

January 2009 we found out my sister’s little boy had spina bifida. And Heidi thought she should go into labor with her twins so she went on bed rest. I told her that she could have the babies on my birthday and I would be just fine with that. Well it all worked out and she had my first nephew & my 4th niece on February 11th (one day late!). I hated being in the states while she was in Germany. I know have twin niece & nephews - Jackson & Samantha – and they were just 4lbs. Jack has had some surgeries for his spina bifida but is doing very well. Due to this the family was relocated to the states by the military and were fortunate enough to be stationed at Ft. Lewis because of having Madigan Hospital for Jack’s needs.

Feb 10 we found out that McBride baby #2 would be a boy…finally a second boy on my side and Jack would have a best friend.

My pregnancy wasn’t has bad as the first time but I was sick thru the 2nd trimester and didn’t eat much the 3rd.

March – Debbie & I registered for Creative Escape. We finally got picked this year so we decided nothing was going to stop us from going. So in August we’ll be heading to Arizona for 4 days!

May – My mom went to Germany for 3 weeks and we sure missed her. She headed over there to help Heidi with the babies and to get some time with them & Brea before they moved back to Washington.

June – What a crazy month….Natasha (my oldest niece) graduated from High School and received a 2 year scholarship to any WA college. We are so proud of her. Heidi & her family flew in and moved to my mom’s. It has been so much fun having them around. Wade and Jack are buddies. They love watching NASCAR together. It was fun having time with them before our new addition arrived. Kole arrive on June 22nd (5 days early!! Yea!). And he is just a sweetie. He is a true newborn (Olivia was not!) and is a great little cuddler with mommy.

So there is an update of what has been going on since my last blog.

PS - I'll post some pictures later!!

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