Spot Recoloring on your photo

I have been wanting to know how to do this technique FOREVER and I finally learned how to do it...TODAY!
I am so dang excited. I am really liking this FREE online class I have been taking for 2 weeks. I love being on maternity leave so I have time to do this stuff (while the chicklets are napping of course!).

The spot recoloring is where you have a black & white photo and leave some color in the picture.

I am so HAPPY....going to go celebrate at the Fair and have a scone. Brea thinks she is going to get me to go on some rides!



Debbie said...

HOLY FLIP!!!I am dying right now~!! You knew I would didn't you?! I am soooooo happy that you learned how to do this...I have wanted to do it too!!! After camp...I will go through the class and learn!! You are amazing friend!!!

House Family said...

This picture makes me want to scrapbook your wedding pictures...maybe we should do that together!! You color spot the photo's and we will scrap...deal?!
Can't wait to learn all this cool stuff!!