What's for dinner??

"So what do you want for dinner?" is always the question of the day. Wade and I can never decide what we want. And it always turns out to be the last minute (6:30pm) when we are beyond hungry and still have to run to the store & we try to find something "quick" to make.
So I thought since I will be returning to work in 2 weeks I should do some meal planning.
I was telling Debbie about this and she said "send me your menu". I told her no way it was handwritten...but then I got to thinking I would put it on my blog.
So here is the dinner menu for the rest of the month & my plan is to prepare all the meals I can for the week on Sunday. And I'll shop on Saturday morning before my family is up & moving!Let's hope I can get a system down.

Sept 15 - Chicken enchalidas
Sept 16 - Left overs
Sept 17 - Do the Puyallup! Corn Dogs & Scones
Sept 18 - Tacos
Sept 19 - Spaghetti
Sept 20 - Meatloaf
Sept 21 - Leftovers
Sept 22 - Poppy Seed Chicken
Sept 23 - Leftovers
Sept 24 - Hamburgers
Sept 25 - Sloppy Joes
Sept 26 - Chicken Fajitas
Sept 27 - French Dips
Sept 28 - lasagna
Sept 29 - Leftovers
Sept 30 - Hot Chicken Salad
Oct 1 - Leftovers
Oct 2 - Sweet & Sour Meatballs
Oct 3 - Eat out!

This menu is subject to change at anytime at my discretion!
If anyone has some good recipes to share I will gladly accept them. I like quick & easy recipes!!

And since a blog post isn't any good with out a picture here is a few of my the "littles".

Olivia, Jack, Kole & Sam
(Olivia insisted on holding all at one time!)

Sweet baby Kole (or as Olivia calls him :Ko-Ko)

and this pic I just love...my mom & Livy at the zoo.


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Adi Mae said...

Oh my goodness, you're babies are adorable. I can't believe how big she is, I remember like it was just yesterday her "blow out" while you were supposed to be taking a plane ride.. "I didn't know they were lysol wipes, don't worry - I didn't wipe...well you know" Ha. Ha.
Oh dear. :)

So happy for you, you need to add more pics though deary! *I'm one to talk, haven't updated since March*